The SARS that must end in us all


By Mahmud Babatunde Ajeigbe (Ph.D.)


I have over the last few days pondered, and sincerely, most of what has been said about SARS is known except we want to be deceiving ourselves. We all need to think about the need to approach these issues collectively. (This is a long piece but bear with me as I express my thoughts).


NIGERIA is a systemic rot. We need reforms in virtually all areas. If you say SARS, or more appropriately the entire police force is in dire need of surgical operation that’ll birth an operational proactive elite police force, what about other security agencies (DSS, NSCDC, Armed forces, Paramilitary etc)? aren’t they all birds of the same feather, afflicted with almost the same action and inactions?


If u say corruption in Anti Graft agencies (EFCC, ICPC) what about the civil service, which arguably is one of the most corruption permeated sector in the Country.


If u say NASS (Legislative arm) is a problem & infested with corruption and UNECCESSARY allowances, what about what happens with other Politicians in the Executive arm (presidency, ministers, governors, commissioners etc) and the Almighty Judiciary (magistrate & judges)?


Journalists (receiving bribes & been influenced), private sector (how many contracts are transparent or what is their role in corrupt practice) academics (sexual harassment, money for admission & passing students), parents (moral decadence, parents bribing for children TO PASS in schools), The Youth (Yahoo Yahoo, Robbery, kidnapping, drugs, social vices, cultism) name it, I can go on and on, the whole society is just not ok, societal values have been crushed, moral upbringing no longer available, its just a charade.


We are all selfish in some form, we think of issues as it affects us only, no collective responsibility, no one is thinking that I have also in some way contributed in creating this hydra-headed monstrous situation. BUT if we start to reflect on this and majority accept collective responsibility, that is when real changes and progress will commence and we’ll have a reasonable chance of having a chance of desired and sustainable change.


We should all take responsibility for where we have gotten this country to, so we can begin to make progress and pull ourselves out of this mess.


The youth have thrown us a challenge in one area, others need to rise up (non violent) to push for more changes in many other areas, it’s people that make a Nation and when people compromise across several sectors/facets of societal development then we cannot have a society we want and a Country of our dreams


You’ll agree with me, the issues are interwoven with all that’s happening in the Country today and I dare say plenty food for thought.


We know the problems and what to do but we are just unwilling to get it right due to attendant benefits to a few who benefit from the the rundown system, only for them to join growing list of ‘wailers’ once they fall out of power.


My opinion is that the problem is not really the corruption, decay in societal values and selfishness of all per se, i see all the above issues categorised into one problem:

This is the main problem,we have failed to self evaluate and correct ourselves first & foremost and accept our wrong doings as individuals. It’s when we develop and imbibe discipline that we can correct any other issue as its indiscipline that is the main factor causing this hemorrhage.


All our negative defects and societal decadence are tributaries of Indiscipline. Once we address Indiscipline and people begin to have a sense of responsibility for what they say and do and consciously address wrong doings then we will start moving towards a path of societal recovery and national growth & development.


May God touch our hearts and help us turn things around Amin. Things are really tough, people are unhappy at the way things are going but I love my country and also saddened by where we have found ourselves and we have to find a way to collectively rejig & improve our situation for the benefit of the majority, may posterity judge us right.


_Ajeigbe is a former Commissioner for Information in Kwara State_
Twitter: @DrBabaT


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