Subsidy: Igbomina Youths commends KWSG, committee over palliative distribution 

The Igbomina Youth Assembly a prominent non-partisan socio-cultural youth group in Igbomina land has extended its profound gratitude to the Kwara State Government and the Kwara State Palliative Distribution Committee for their remarkable efforts in ensuring that our organization, the Igbomina Youth Assembly, was included as a beneficiary in the recently concluded palliatives distribution initiative.
In his words, the President of the Assembly, Engr Jimoh Rasheed Temitope said, “In these challenging times, marked by unprecedented uncertainties and hardships, the Kwara State Government has displayed exceptional leadership and a deep commitment to the well-being of the good people of Kwara state. The Igbomina Youth Assembly commends this proactive approach and the genuine concern shown by the government for the welfare of its people.”
“As a credible youth organization that is committed to the betterment of the Igbomina communities and its surroundings, we are profoundly honored to have been included in this noble initiative. *For the records Igbomina Youth Assembly was given 100 bags of 10kg rice by the Kwara state palliative distribution committee and the rice has since been distributed to the less privileged.* The inclusion of the Igbomina Youth Assembly in the palliatives process demonstrates the government’s commitment to inclusivity and the active participation of community-based organizations”, noted the President.
“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Kwara State Government and the Kwara State Palliative Distribution Committee for recognizing the role played by the Igbomina Youth Assembly in our collective effort to alleviate the challenges faced by our people during these trying times. This gesture serves as a testament to the government’s unwavering dedication to fostering unity and cooperation for the betterment of all”, he said.
The President reiterated further by expressing gratitude to all Igbomina stakeholders for the roles played towards the actualization of this gesture and also for their relentless efforts  geared towards championing the development of Igbomina land. Thank you for all you do. We look forward to continuing working together to create a brighter future for our communities.
Igbomina Youth Assembly eagerly anticipates continuing this collaborative journey with the Kwara State Government in our shared mission to uplift and empower the Igbomina communities. Together, we can overcome the challenges and build a brighter, more resilient future for all.


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