SUBEBgate: Kwara Consultative Forum calls for Adaramaja’s resignation, restitution


By Imam Moromoke

The Kwara Consultative Forum otherwise known as Efunra has called for the resignation of the Kwara State Universal Basic Education (KWASUBEB) Chairman, Prof. Sheu Abdulraheem Adaramaja and restitution of illegal received salary.

The group made this call via its weekly radio programme on Harmony FM, Idofian and monitored by Fresh Insight in Ilorin yesterday.

The group while commending Fresh Insight on its investigative report on the shady activities, at the of SUBEB under the Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq administration, demanded an unreserved apology from Prof. Adaramaja on behalf of the illegally disengaged sunset teachers and restitution of illegally received payment

The group said “He was used to perfect the disengagement of sunset teachers and he should thus tender an unreserved apology to all Kwarans and the affected teachers.

“In the same vein, he should return all illegally received salary and emoluments from the University of Ilorin and KWASUBEB, which run contrary of the Country’s constitution and other extant laws” he added

The same vein, the group also commended the Ilorin based Civil Society Organization, Elite Network for Sustainable Development (Enetsud), over its recent exposition of sharp practices in the renovation of Government High School, Ilorin.


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