Saraki; The mistakes, saboteurs and new Sheriff

By Tijani Olaegbe
Hate him or love him, malign his character, integrity and reputation, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki is a leader in the real sense of it. A personality that possesses unusual gifts of character and leadership, with the ability to move imaginatively and decisively.
Indeed, Bukola Saraki is imbued with the potential of a transformative progressive personality, who has profoundly altered the political chemistry of the political space and upgraded participatory democracy with an uncommon audacity and fearlessness, as reflected during his 4 years reign as the President of the Senate and Chairman of the 8th National Assembly in Nigeria.
But even at that, and with all the rare attributes ascribed to him as pictured above; the major policy thrust and political structure of Saraki Dynasty, that held sway for upward of over sixteen years(16 years) collapsed like a hall of cards and demolished by a conglomeration of Otoge contraption, in the 2019 General  Elections.
Bukola’s mistake and indeed his sin was that; unlike Papa Awolowo, Sardauna of Sokoto and the likes who were fortunate to be surrounded by “CITIZENS”, the immediate past Senate President settled for “IDIOTS” and “TRIBALISTS” as co-travellers, in his political journey.
However, the Greek analogy of “IDIOTS”, “TRIBALISTS” and “CITIZENS” explains this.
The founders and indeed proponents of democracy in ancient Greek classified people into 3 different types. Interestingly, as it was in the ancient Greek, so it is today and perhaps till eternity.
As the Greeks analogy of typology explained;
 1. “The Idiots”: The Greeks noted and reiterated that idiots were not mentally deficient, but rather private people who were self centered.
They, the idiots, look for the personal gain and self interest in whatever they engage in. This makes them lack public philosophy, knowledge and skills, that contribute to the greater good. Everything is about them and their pleasure.
They are the parasitic class, who are more of political liability than assets. These are the group of people that infested political space under Bukola Saraki, who is the avatar. They are set of hangers-on, who have unprincipled and misguided obsession for office (from Councillor to Chairman, S.A, S.S.A, Commissioner, State House of Assembly members, National Assembly representatives, Senate, etc) yet they’re not done.
Power in their hands is deployed for self aggrandisement, and acquisition of power is seen as an end in itself rather than a means to an end.
They, in their numbers, blackmail, vilify, betray and deny Bukola Saraki because they failed to get unmerited favour, position and support in kind and cash.
When you ask the question; ‘what is Bukola Saraki’s offence?’, their answers varied from, “He promised me appointment but failed to abide by the agreement; “when I wanted to build my house, he failed to honour my request”.
Their reasons ranged from mundane to unreasonable demands. This is the typical disposition of ” The Idiots”.
Unlike the likes of Pa Adekunle Ajasin of blessed memory, Lateef Jakande, Bola Ige, etc, who radiated sense of purpose, unflinching support and unconditional loyalty for the common good of the populace. They strived to internalise the values and aspirations of their principal with passion and self-discipline.
Their maxim was injury to Awolowo was injury to all, including the essence of the struggle. No wonder, some of them followed him to prison.
As at the last count, majority of these “Idiots” had turned adversaries, in spite of the huge political and financial investment on them.
They have today formed coalition of the aggrieved against their common target; Bukola Saraki.
What is their Modus Operandi?
Character assassination, blackmailing, name calling, lies, falsehood and campaign of calumny.
It is however so painful that 99.9% of these “Idiots” are those who benefited unimaginably when Bukola Saraki was in charge.
Some of them who have joined hands with the Otoge administration went to the extreme and declared Bukola Saraki, “A Persona Non Grata”.
Their mischief, which of course  temporary; succeeded to a large extent; albeit based on twisted narratives. In so doing, the minds of the unsuspecting ordinary persons and gullible elites were irreversibly poisoned against Saraki simply because, they, the electorates, swallowed twisted facts, hook, line and sinker.
 2. “The Tribalists”: This is not the same thing with the type of tribalism associated or linked to one’s tribe or ethnicity or one’s geographical area. The type being referred to is a reference to a tribalism mentality. For example, a political party, a religious cult, social group, etc.
The tribal people are divisive, disrespectful and resentful towards everything outside of their tribes.
This class of people abounds in Bukola Saraki’s management of political space in the state. Their major centre of operation is the mandate where they engaged in discriminatory strategy to sideline, divide and submit false and divisive reports/memo to the Leader, Saraki. Many of them don’t see Kwara beyond Ilorin and Bukola Saraki, the Leader. They narrow perspective of the ideology and philosophy of Saraki as a leader.
In effect, enemies and detractors were consciously or unconsciously created against the leader. They in fact, remain enemy from within.
 3. “The Citizen”: This is the ideal and perfect class of people. In this context, citizen does not refer to the legal or political status of a person. The ancient Greeks described a ‘citizen’ as someone who is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to live a respectable life in the realm of the public.
In fact, a citizen recognises himself as a member of the commonwealth.
It was the Glassman who said; “An alternative for more productive public endeavour in our society is citizenship.
This is where the people advance a shared vision for societal good by building inclusive coalitions around a broad agenda using persuasion not polarisation”.
This is food for thought for our Leader, His Excellency, Dr Abubabar Bukola Saraki, whose return to Kwara to fix the loose-ends, is much awaited.
At a time when all hands are on deck to repackage, rebirth and rethink People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the leader must take cognisance of the Greeks typology of human beings as reflected above.
Indeed, it wasn’t Bukola Saraki that failed, but the “Idiots” and “Tribalist” failed Bukola Saraki, due to anti people and emphasy on self culture. This class of people exhibited this feature, all through the journey up till the humiliating electoral defeat of 2019 general elections.
Therefore, it is incumbent on His Excellency, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, to search for citizens before the commencement of the next journey as a prelude to 2023 preparation.
Olaegbe writes from Ilorin, he can be reaches via +234 803 222 3917
Opinions expressed in this piece is entirely that of the writer, as it does not in anyway represent Fresh Insight’s editorial stand


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