Sallah: Yahman charges Kwarans on Unity, Peace

The Danmasani of Tsonga, philanthropist, entrepreneur and an aspirant for Kwara State Governorship seat in the 2023 General Elections, Alhaji Shuaibu Yaman Abdullhai has congratulated Muslims in Kwara, Nigeria and around the world on the occasion of the successful completion of the holy month of Ramadan and celebration of Eid El Fitr.

In his congratulatory message, Yaman Abdullahi described the holy month of Ramadan as a unique interval in the calendar of every Muslim and a time of privileged intercession which opens the door of divine blessings. He congratulated Muslims across Kwara and Nigeria for successfully undertaking this spiritual duty as commanded and prayed that all their lofty entreaties will be hearkened to by Almighty Allah (SWT).

According to Alhaji Yaman Abdullahi, the occasion of the Eid el Fitr is an opportunity for all, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to draw insightful lessons from the virtues of steadfastness which the Ramadan entails. All Nigerians and Kwarans, in his message, must unite and recommit themselves to an unwavering pursuit of peace and progress for the nation and State respectively.
‘’As we gradually approach the 2023 General Elections, Kwarans at home and in Diaspora must jettison imaginary dividing lines and seek earnestly to establish a united front to tackle headlong the many challenges confronting the citizenry of the State. We have a clear duty to reach out to all willing compatriots to collectively explore innovative concepts and new ideas that will herald an era of prosperity for all’’, he said. ‘’May Allah accept all our acts of worship during this period, hearken to our supplications and grant Nigeria and our beloved Kwara State peace and triumph in all dimensions.’’ he concluded in the message.


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