Re-Why Kwara PDP must pick its Guber Candidate from Central

By Haruna Mohammed Likpata
In recent time, I took a back seat to carefully understand the mindsets of people when it comes to political debates. But there are exceptions on issues as it affects me and the PDP families in Kwara on some defleting views.It is important to personally air my views as a critical stakeholder to take interest in everything that is perceived to cause division in the party.
The political views expressed by my brothers and sister under a group called- PDP Victory Agenda if it ever existed. My response to this group and those encouraging them to destabilize the Party ahead of 2023 General elections is because of their shared desperation for power.
I am happy they are members of Peoples Democratic party just as I’m and at liberty to air their views that should promote and unites the party at this moment.
The lessons that we must all learn and understood very firmly as politicians and those seeking for offices is that, In politics, there is almost always someone opposed to whatever you are doing or seeking to contest. Even if your goal is something everyone can agree on, that is fair, just and equitable, there will be those who will disagree with your methods of achieving it.
I have taken time to read, reflect and reinvest my thoughts to understand where exactly their empty analysis is heading to. The so called group had a rehearsal of a dead script to create freedom of expression for themselves and those that encouraged their sponsorship out of fears and desperation for power. Kwara North PDP families are closely watching them and studying their antics.
When your opposition within your own family starts fighting your efforts, its best to be familiar with what tactics they might use to do so especially in politics like we have all seen in this empty press release. More will still come to blackmail the Party against Kwara North which will be deliberate and as fantasy to woe the party for the ruling APC in Kwara. Kwara PDP must caution her members as soon as possible.
I will address three main issues raised by the fearful group and their sponsor, but only two are important that deserves a good response. On the strength debate between the Central and the North does not need my energy because this is a calculation that is dangerous, unloyal and reckless against the popular interest of the good people of Kwara North.
No Zone can win an election without another and this is one issue I wouldn’t want to dwell much on. But let even say the Central has the strength in numbers considering the dreamers analysis, would all votes goes to one political party? So I ask them how has their thinking get the wins from Central without the North studying the voting patterns in every election circles? No Zone can live independently in an elections without another Zone. The so called group must know this.
The second most interested issue raised in their dry press release is that of acceptable, competent and reliable personality from Kwarw Central. This is the most and cheapest assessment in their own word to stabilize the State, of what? I want our great party, the Kwara State Peoples Democratic party to know from this press release that it is sponsored to maligned and to cause chaos in the party for their own selfishnes. Their is no breed in Kwara Central of today politically you cannot see in Kwara North. Who knows the color of an unbroken egg?
Kwara State Peoples Democratic party must take a drastic action against members of the party that intends to create a division to throw away the gains the party have recorded since losing the 2019 General elections. People must understand politics very deeply, that political debates are not an interaction between a therapist and a client.
The last issue raised is their lack of understanding to political calculations when it comes to zoning where they think the Zone that has the highest number does not need the Zone with less numbers. Where are this so called group when Gov. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal won his election with less than 400 votes? Where were they in that political calculations?
 If their sponsors understands very well they would have reflected on the real political learnings instead of wanting to distorts facts when it comes to winning elections. Your strongest base can be your worst nightmare during elections.
I also strongly advice the Kwara PDP to without reservations considers Kwara North for Governor come 2023. This will allow full participation and tolerance for all. I am certain that the party will not be in doubt of the poorly crafted analysis of the so called group and their sponsor to deliberately causing divisions of an acceptable and majority demand of the good of Kwara North and beyond.
Political principles are the same everywhere in the world: to build a closer and more trusting relationship, It begins with establishing shared relevance. This is one part the PDP families in Kwara must all understand to move beyond political bubbles.


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