Re: Leaders,  Cause of youths non-participation in Politics


By Haruna Likpata

I wouldn’t want to write or reply your interview but after reading through your arranged comments, I came to conclusion that your fantasy and attacks on the person of Dr. Bukola Saraki was merely because of the pains you all felt since zoning of the ticket to Kwara North. The dreamers dreams that what Kwara PDP and leaders of the party had done has kept you and your co-travellers in a state of recovery. That recovery state wouldn’t have come anytime soon until Kwarans who are genuinely concerned about our unity and peace and alluded to their beliefs that equity, fairness and justice must prevail come 2023.

I’m replying you because largely you are more concerned about 2023 gubernatorial election in Kwara. You are more concerned about the awaited defeats of this current administration in the State. You are more concerned about your imaginations if it is true that Kwara North will produce the next Governor of Kwara state. I’m  replying you as a concerned Kwaran and not just as a Kwara Northerner who loves every part of the State and not sectional sentiments like you posited in your interview. I’m more concerned about the general interest and the future of Kwara that believes in sincerity and genuity of purpose. That what A deserves B also deserves it, where truthfulness, love and empathy ever existed.

I want to once again thank the Kwara PDP and Dr. Saraki for taking a responsive and directional approach to have zoned the PDP ticket to Kwara North which has caused the ruling party another nightmare journey for their pretense concerned for Kwara North. Attackers of this kind of people will still come but the people of Kwara have grown beyond being self centered by all means. Kwarans have grown beyond sentiments of myself than our people, sentiments of I’m the strongest than we are one, sentiments of I must be Governor than we all have to be Governor. Kwarans have grown beyond we are the largest and it has to be me than us.

It is also important you understand the game of politics as you play it hard. You cannot take a position and think your interview has done any good to Kwarans in putting the records straight. You committed yourself in your own interview by highlighting and promoting what Kwara North needs but yet failed to provide a solution for your insincere concern for Kwara North. You said *Kwara North needs leaders and not messengers* with this assertion by you, then if I may ask you why you think it was wrong for Peoples Democratic party to have zoned their Gubernatorial ticket to Kwara North? Why is it hard on you and those you stand to represent today in Government that you have largely praised in your interview since the zoning of PDP ticket to Kwara North? Where were you when PDP hasn’t zoned the ticket to Kwara North and went on silence but now showed your stereotype concern for Kwara North? Where is your sincerity and genuine concern for Kwara North of today?

I want to tell you that the leaders Kwara North deserve is for you to advise Mr. Govenror if your interview is genuine and self conscience to allow Kwara North People have a place to lead Kwarans. The confidence you posited in your interview that Kwara North needs leaders and not messengers, you should use the same ideology to tell Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazak to step aside and support a Kwara Northerner in APC to clinch the ticket this year to have the opportunity of leading Kwarans and produce a Governor as number one leader for the State. There are Kwara Northerners who are loyal to the Governor in APC that he can easily put forward to show more love to Kwara North that they need a leader who will lead Kwara just like PDP had done. You have only succeeded in exposing your emotions for the Governor and all these back and forth gimmicks won’t work as much as 2023 elections are concern. You can instigate the part of GAA who are loyal to GAA in APC against Kwara Northerners by your interview but you cannot set the concerned Kwarans across party lines, who are genuine in their struggle for fairness, equity and justice against Kwara Northerners.

I think it is high time people began to understand the politics of deceits, Mendacity and apologist from people like you who think their so called interview would have helped or aided their plans.
I want to appeal to all concerned Kwarans that issues of governance in every constituted government in all regimes are relative as to how best we understand and compare what priorities are. Kwarans can understand projects that have direct impact with projects that are celebrated with no basis to growing our economy in the State. Kwarans can also understand projects that have outlived the promoters than projects that are celebrated but not written in names. Kwarans have seen projects that have added values to State economy than the government of today use and still in use with projects that only added debt to the state. Kwarans must know this basic things.

I want to tell all Kwarans that in our life time, the only resounding success are successes that are for all and not for myself. Successes that wear human face and sincere, fair and equitable. Successes that are just and show love and compassion. Kwara North is a home for all and as such those promoting and instigating regional differences like this interviewee should not be taken seriously.


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