OPINION: Retrospection; The Otoge Dream

By Titilope Anifowoshe

Facebook memory showed me this otoge picture and I bursted into laughter. The sort of laughter that denotes that life is very transcient. Even today may be too early to conclude that posterity will judge every single one of us here. Indeed the internet never forgets.
Eku #otoge revolution o

On this day, youths who worked vigorously to dispose the powerful Saraki converged to analyze the journey so far. I remember I was to return to Lagos after that satisfactory and revolutionary election in Kwara but I had to postpone to merry with my brothers in struggle.

At that time we all felt accomplished! We thought that we had expunged years of a dynasty ruling over us. We thought that Kwara will be ushered into days of rain, sunlight and beautiful harvest. We thought that governance would henceforth be about merit and .. that we will be governed by the best hands. We thought that politicians will lead by the rule of the people not at the whims and caprices of a person, his siblings, his/her cronies and their family. We thought that we would beat our chests in pride to delineate our origin.

We thought that development would be general and not lined towards some favored parts. We thought that progress would be seen across all of Kwara not just in ilorin city. We thought that issues of insecurity, bloodshed and fear would be completely eradicated.

We thought that our mothers, fathers and siblings will freely be able to farm without fear. We thought that those rickety roads would be fixed without media propaganda. We thought that our youths will be gainfully employed and not armed with data to ruin us further.

We thought that the unity we employed in chasing the strongmen away would be applied to usher in fresh brains and capable people. We thought that our assembly would no longer be robbed of their power to be the viable check on the executive.

We thought that we will be able to visit our villages without death traps. We thought that 2019 brought Kwara to the destination!
Here I am on my gym threadmill, laughing at our high expectations.

Will 2023 usher Kwarans to a real change or another Joke? Who decides that? YOU AND I!
How do we make that happen?
Let’s get serious with politics with value. Let’s shame the oppressors and the hypocrites. Let’s work across party lines to support and vote for the best heads.

Some of us have embarrassed our struggle and followed the fattest pocket but some of us are still sane. Get your PVC! Support the best brain! Align with the genuine forces and pray for a better Kwara!


Ibrahim Sheriff is the Editor of Fresh Insight and former Special Assistant on Media to the Speaker, Kwara state House of Assembly. Although a management science researcher by training, he has over five years experience of practice in Journalism, Public Relations and Communication Strategy. Sheriff holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Bachelors Degree in Banking and Finance from Kwara state University, Malete. He has Certificates in Digital Journalism, Enterprise Creation and Skill Acquisition (ECSA) and Basic Econometrics Data Analysis, as well as Bank of Industry (BoI) Certificate in Business Management. He is also a holder of Diploma in Cooperative Studies from Kwara state Polytechnic, Ilorin.

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