OPINION: Olododo: Chronicle of an excellent parliamentary sojourn

By Muhammed Kamardeen Aderibigbe

There is no doubt that a wonderful leader and affable principal like mine, Hon. Dr. Abdulganiyu Saka Cook-Olododo deserves the most remarkable celebration and commendation on the outstanding delivery on an auspicious mandate bestowed on him by the good people of Ilorin East and South Federal Constituency, which has imprinted unforgettable experience of a meaningful and impactful representation in their memories.

Hon. Cook-Olododo has been constantly consistent in the ways he chose to render public service, through exhibition of sterling and uncommon traits that reflects excellence in leadership. He is indeed, a quintessential personality, a compassionate torchbearer, truly committed to the general well-being of his people and deserves sincere accolades.

For me, I consider it a priceless opportunity and privilege to have worked and be walking very close with him, in his quest to make life more meaningful for his constituents. He is such a detribalized character who has assisted and worked with many people without knowing their accent. It is a statement that cements his impeccable personality as one who had been bringing the best out of people irrespective of their background or other pecuniary considerations.

The auspicious occasion of winding down of the 9th National Assembly for a generally acknowledged achiever like Hon. Cook-Olododo is not the end of a tenure, but a moment that has offered a great opportunity to celebrate a qualitative, impactful and unprecedented representation in the history of Ilorin East and South Federal Constituency, as till date, I am not privy to a better and competent representative in our history as constituents of Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency than Hon. Cook Olododo.

Irrefutably, he is an actualizer, achiever and unarguable accomplisher who had set the bar so high for anyone to beat. It is my belief that posterity shall be kind to him and his households.

Based on the fascinating exploits and performance of the lawmaker on and off the floor of the House of Representatives, it will not be out of place to assert at this point that Hon Olododo has diametrically delivered on the electoral promises, reinvent representation, and make it more efficient, more impacting and more effective. The resounding success was a result of sheer determination, resilience, diligence, unbridle commitment and responsiveness to quality representation, electoral promises and responsibilities.

The former lawmaker has effectively redefine quality of presentation, make it more attractive and bring good governance closer to constituents by impacting positively on countless number of youths and women includes the people living with disability.

Olododo, an astute politician, accomplished businessman and a seasoned administrator that has grind his cutlass over forty years ago. His accomplishment and landmark achievements are traceable to a thorough and well-coordinated series of directly beneficial programs, ranging from a life-changing creation of wealth and skill acquisition scheme for youth and women, facilitation of various impactful infrastructures development projects and constant engagement with the constituents.

It is important to note that prior to his messianic advent, groundbreaking empowerment programmes and facilitation of remarkable projects were completely strange to the people of Ilorin East and South Constituents. Never in the annals the people been congregated periodically in humongous numbers for a date with destiny.

Again, prior to his advent, people of Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency were badly configured to believe the primordial notion that the only responsibility of a legislator is just to make law while other things as projects facilitation, constituents welfare packages and  creation of wealth schemes were regarded as exclusive responsibilities of the executive arm of government, but Hon Olododo emergency had instantly erased that and opened the eyes of the teeming constituents to the vistas of opportunities and democratic dividends abound at the National Assembly and our immediate constituency.

Hon Cook has taken it upon himself like Tarzan to change the unpalatable narration by pulling his people out of the abyss of poverty and widespread unemployment rampaging the society

Thus, the flurries of lifesaving empowerment programmes; the deluge of welfare packages and facilitation of landmark project dotting the landmark of Ilorin East and South Federal Constituency and the important of those infrastructural projects and empowerment programs in the lives of the indigent beneficiaries and the impact on the communities cannot overemphasized.

It is no doubt that his tremendous performance in proving quality representation to the people of our constituency has etched his name in the sands of time and posterity will never forget him. No politician dead or alive in Ilorin East/South Federal Constituent could match your achievements or provided a  first-string representation like you have done in the past four years.

And the above assertion is well supported with the following astonishing projects and scorecard:

In February 2020, few months after he undertook his mandate, Hon. Cook Olododo facilitated an agricultural empowerment with a modern farm settlement; “Green House Farm”, including a five tent dryer each supported with industrial solar motorized borehole and startup farm input and cash support for the respective beneficiaries in Ago-Aiyekale and Maya Town in Ilorin East and South LGAs respectively.

He followed this up in August, 2020 with cash grant for 200 petty traders dotting across his Federal Constituency and a first of its kind of Post Season Intervention Empowerment Program where the beneficiaries were trained on how to preserve agricultural produce after harvest and Solar Tent Dryers were built across the 23 wards and empowerment tools like preservative drums, ceiling bags machines and cash were presented to the beneficiaries.

On 10th September, 2020, Hon. Abdulganiyu S. Cook Olododo has facilitated Special Cash Grant tagged “Artisan Grant” for one hundred and sixty beneficiaries. Meanwhile, the second phase II of pilot post seasonal intervention training for program for another hundreds of beneficiaries and also empowered with Solar Tent Dryers, preservative drum, sealing machine and 50,000 cash for each beneficiaries were presented.

On 3rd October, 2020, Hon. Cook Olododo sponsored a skill and acquisition training as part of his human capital development scheme where five hundred beneficiaries were empowered with sewing machine, catering service equipment and makeup artist training.

Similarly, 10th October, 2020, another a skill acquisition training was sponsored for youth and women, where over eight  hundreds  beneficiaries were trained and empowered with working tools like car sprayer machine, industrial machine for those undergone fashion design training, catering service kits, make-up kits and ordinary sewing machines.

Social Investment Program:

Hon. Abdulganiyu S. Cook Olododo has facilitated temporary appointments for hundreds of constituency member in various Federal Government Agency and paratastal through the various programs with the like  of ; N-Power program, special public work and National Agricultural Survey through the Nigeria Bureau of Statistic and National Youths Volunteers on wash and clean campaign for Covid-19.

In his continued effort to cushion the effect of economic challenge that drastically affect the small and medium business owners in his constituency, on 16th February, 2021, Hon. Abdulganiyu S. Cook Olododo distributed the total sum Ten Million Naira to hundreds of petty traders dotting across the 23 ward of his constituency.

Furthermore, on April 24, 2021, Hon. Abdulganiyu Cook Olododo organized what was then tagged as the “Mother-of-All” empowerment programme for over 1,000 constituents at the Lower Niger River Basin opened field. At the program, different entrepreneurial tool and private gift were distributed to the respective beneficiaries such as; new Tokunbo cars, motorcycle, sewing industrial machine, grinding machine, catering services tools, ordinary sewing machine, makeup kits industrial generators, deep freezers (refrigerator), foodstuff and musical instrument sets, it was after some of the beneficiaries were underwent  different skill and acquisition training being sponsored by Hon. Cook Olododo before the empowerment tools were presented to them.

Cook-Olododo who had spoken at the event, noted that he organized the empowerment programme in order to create job to eradicate poverty and unemployment in his constituency while opined that job creating was no longer exclusive responsibility of any government in the world.

He asserted that poverty, which is the corollary of large-scale unemployment, could only be wipe off through acquisition of requisition skill and empowering of more entrepreneurs.

Hon. Olododo in addition organized a special edition of empowerment  for the people whose living in disability where the different clusters with over hundreds were empowered with different item of their choice base on the respective request such as shoemaking industrial machine with generating set, refrigerator with generating set, mobility aiding wheel chairs, cash, food item and many more.

Subsequently, on 19th November, 2021 and 24th December, 2022, Hon. Cook Olododo organized 14th and 15th edition of empowerment respectively on Information Communication Technology (ICT) training and empowerment programs for the youth of his constituency and again Hon. Cook Olododo engaged the youth of the constituency in ICT training program and empowerment, where HP laptop, computers desk, flash drive, anti-virus software and cash were given to the each beneficiaries.

On 24th December, 2022, Hon. Olododo facilitated another skill and acquisition training on ICT, fashion design, petty trading, hair stylish, artisan and craft-making where the beneficiaries were empowered with new HP laptop, motorcycle, sewing industrial machines, refrigerating set (deep freezer) popcorn machine, electric wheel chairs for the less privileged and with sum of #20,000 for 1,200 each beneficiary as part of activities to mark his 62nd birthday, on 25th December, 2022. The event was graced by eminent personalities and party stakeholders where agricultural inputs, chemicals and machinery such as insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, sprayer tank machine, anti-rodent powders, and farm equipment such as, rice mailing, rice thresher, rice destining and maize thresher were distributed to 87 farmers at his constituency office where different beneficiaries commended him for his humanity service that bestows on few people of his kind.

On 11th January, 2023, Hon. Cook Olododo, in his continuous humanitarian gesture, he had  distribute the sum of 62m cash grant to 1,115 constituents and to surprise of many constituent on 8th June, 2023, Hon. Cook Olododo has organized another special edition of empowerment for the cultivated farmers across the his constituency, as part of promise to fulfilling his pledged to continue to give back to his communities till his last day in office despite the outcome of last National Assembly election.

At the event a beneficiary Mr. Yekeen Gata, eulogized the lawmaker for that remarkable and wonderful gesture, he noted that only a man with heart of gold could do this “I think Hon. Olododo deserves all the encouragement, you can see all the multitude of crowd that is here today, so he deserves all commendation and words of encouragement that were given to him”.

“It does not start today, I was with him when he empowered his people in between 2003 – 2007 and 2008 as Chief of Staff and Secretary to the State Government, I remembered all the things he did. My prayer is that God will provide for him another better appointment, he will do much more than he has done today”.

Another speaker, at the 18th edition of Cook Olododo empowerment, Alh.  Saka Karufi noted that “I have the privilege to grace event from the first edition of his empowerment program till this 18th special edition for the cultivated farmers, Alh. Gani keeps getting better and better with each empowerment program he does. What he has done today, is indeed unprecedented because in my living as politician I have never see a House of Representative achieved this kind of records, and it can be describe as act of great commitment, dedication, passion and love for his constituents and be thankful to him for showing what representation should be” Alh. Kurufi extolled.


During the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic Hon. Cook Olododo provided palliative running into Millions of Naira to an hundreds of indigene and vulnerable constituents to cushion the effect of socio-economic lockdown brought by Covid-19 pandemic.

In the midst of the pandemic Hon. Olododo, had provided a conditional cash transfer of  sum of #50,000Naira to over hundred of his constituents, ranging from artisan, petty traders and also organized a sensitization campaign where preventive kits like nose mask, and anti-gems hand sanitizers were distributed.

Besides, the sterling achievement of Hon. Cook Olododo are not only limited to organizing of human capital development program and provision of empowerment tools to indigents constituents, on the floor of the National Assembly, Hon. Olododo has been very active and vocal as erstwhile chairman of the standing committee on National Planning and Economic Development and also a member of other standing and Ad-Hoc committee like, House Committee on Basic Education; Constituency Outreach; Member House Committee on FERMA; and Member House Committee, on Financial Crime while he was also a member of special committee, on the Need to verify Capital Projects Executed and Funds Repeated in Appropriation act by Ministries, Department of Government Agency (MOAs) from 2015 till June, 2023 across the nation. A member of special committee, on The State of Refineries in The Country; a Member Special Committee, on Implementation of Pay-As-You-Go Tariff by Broadcast Satellite Service Providers; a Member of Special Committee To Investigate killing in Wase LGA, Plateau State And Involvement of Security Agents and a Member of Special Committee To Investigate Fuel Subsidy Regime In Nigeria from 2017 till June 2023.

His selection to be part of this critical and the forthrightness quest of a special committee, were due to his pro-activeness and immense contribution to national issues in hallowed chamber. Hon. Cook Olododo has sponsored 15 bills/motions.

Hon. Cook Olododo has resolved and put an end to some of lingered challenges facing government agency/paratastal under his supervision and oversight activities as an erstwhile chairman of a stating committee with the like of Correctional Centre (Prison), National Bureau Statistic, Centre or Management and Development, Annual Conduct of Budget Defence for Agencies and National Institute for Economic and Research, among others.

He also pushed through, a petition written by GA’S BAG NIG LTD, a company owned by one of his constituents. Mr. Garba Muhammed against the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) for allowing the name of the company to be used to execute a project for the agency within his knowledge, consent and authority and a motion on a matter of urgent public important on the urgent need to secure the release and others save the soul of Miss Faridah Abdulsamiu and others Nigerians who languished in various Detention Camps in Libya.

He has to his credit, a bill for an act to provide legal framework to establish the Federal Medical Centre Fufu, Kwara State.


To enhance the quality of academic learning in Ilorin East and South Federal Constituency, the lawmaker, facilitated the construction and reconstruction of 75 classroom, with tables and chairs in various primary and secondary schools across his constituency and supplied of education materials.

It is worthy of note that Hon. Cook-Olododo sponsored summer school in different communities while scholarship and outstanding Award were presented to some outstanding students; more also, payment of school fees and other expenses of the less privileged among the constituents through his Monthly Financial Assistance Scheme. Hon Olododo had also raised motion on a matter of urgent public important on the need to establish a mixed Boarding Air Force Comprehensive Secondary School in Ilorin.


Having aware, of the important of potable water to the general wellbeing of individuals and its acute shortage in many communities across the 23 ward of Ilorin East and South. It is with unrelenting effort of Hon. Cook Olododo to ensure that issue of scarcity of portable water became things of past in his constituency. Hon. Cook Olododo facilitated 65 newly sunk solar powered, motorized boreholes and also resuscitates another 125 moribund hand pumping boreholes as well as conversion of many to electricity\generator powered motorized boreholes on his self-financed scheme.


To aid the constant supply of electricity in Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency which is a pivotal to the growth of commercial activities and well-being of the constituents? Hon. Cook Olododo facilitated the provision of 500KVA, 300KVA and electrification of 11KVA/33KVA cable to various communities of his constituency and a major financial support of installation of transformers in many place.

Some of the beneficiary communities includes Idi Aro/Onituku, Onikoko Community, Behind U Sanda, Sobi Road, Gatta Area, Ojagboro, Oko-Oba Damalu, Gaa-Akanbi, Idi-Igba/Muyideen Community, Imam Hamzat COED, Oko-Olowo, Itesiwaju Rere, Harmony and Flower Garden (Transformer Installation Finance).


As part of his health care intervention effort Hon. Cook Olododo embarked on comprehensive reconstruction of notable Primary Health Care Centers across the Ilorin East/South and at same time, he has on several occasion come to the rescue of constituent patients in critical condition by taking up the burden their medical bills.

To boost the delivery of quality health care in his constituency, Hon. Cook Olododo facilitated the completion of the uncompleted structure of the Ago-Aiyekale Primary Health Centre; reconstruction of the roofless dilapidated abandoned Alalubosa Cottage Hospital; reconstruction of Abata Karumo Health Centre; reconstruction of Cottage Hospital, Opomalu which cut across Ilorin East \South LGAs.

The health facilities were completed to a tast and handed over to the appropriate authority for the purpose it mean for. Meanwhile as part of his contribution to health sector Hon. Olododo has sponsored a bill for establishment of Federal Medical Centre, Fufu which has unanimously passed by the National Assembly and waiting presidential approval. Hon. Olododo has also raised a motion on the floor, on the need to ensure prompt and free treatment of children living with cancer in Nigeria.


It is the believe of Hon. Cook Olododo that motor-able access roads is a catalyst to socioeconomic development. Through improved transportation service, the mobility of constituents would be made easy and cheaper, while also aiding urban renewal.

There is no doubt that Cook-Olododo has done significantly well in construction of roads than his predecessors, camparing the number of major roads he constructed and how those roads have been contributing to economics fortune and  reducing traffic gridlock within those axis.

Some of the roads and interlock pavement are: Ayegbami Dada – link Adabiyya Road, Old Shao Garage to GDSS Amule, Apado Township Road, Prof. Aderemi Abubakar Road, Tanke, Bola Aganga Road, Tanke, Sunnie Ododo Road, (Surface Dressing and work-in progress), Omo-Salako Road, Oke-Aluko, Baba Okankan – Onitobe Road, Okelele, Interlocking Pavement of Ode-Barage, Asileke – Amode Close and Barr. Jimba Road, Off Pipeline Road.

As part of  his exertion to ensure that Federal Government through the Ministry of Transportation extends the standard rail gauge to his federal constitution and beyond. Hon. Cook Olododo moved a motion on the floor to call on the Federal Government to urgently continue the construction of other segment of Lagos-Kano Standard Gauge Railways continuing from Ibadan-Osogbo-Ilorin Segment.


Hon. Abdulganiyu S. Cook Olododo believed that essence of building public restroom (Toilets) is to allow people to dispose of their waste appropriately and preventing contamination of environment, reducing risk of diseases to residents and neighborhoods and as it is not common for someone to reject their body warning to sign and forgo public toilet uses. And as a public toiled should be viewed not just a place to relieve oneself in pinch but a space that carries out other important hygiene activities and facilities are available for residents, marketers, travelers, passengers, passerby and motorist.

Hon. Cook Olododo therefore reasoned that it is unavoidable to have public lavatory across the Ilorin East and South to eradicate opened defecation and making our immediate environment hygienic. The lawmaker had facilitated construction of tens of public toilets in difference communities of Ilorin East and South.


As part of his continued effort to improved standard of living, food security and boosting agricultural productivities in his Federal Constituency, Hon. Cook Olododo contributed immensely in supporting farmers across the Ilorin East/South through the various agricultural interventions and support, to bring about increase their productivities and income generated from the sales of agricultural produce.

He constructed Green House Farm settlement in Maya/Ago-Aiyekale, supported with farm input, chemicals and farm tools and with cash of N400,000 as start up for cooperators and also facilitated Solar Tent Dryers across the strategic agrarian communities to assist our people in preserving their farm produce and enhance high productivities.

Before the construction of the above facilities Hon. Cook Olododo has organized training for 50 youths that cut across Ilorin East/South from these communities whose trained as Solar Tent Dryers Instructors,  empowerment programme “tagged” “Pilot Post Seasonal Intervention Training Programmed” where the each trainees were empowered with empowerment tools such as preservative drums, sealing machine and N50,000 cash to each participants.

Meanwhile, on 8th June, 2023, the last agricultural empowerment for cultivated farmers was held at the constituency of  Hon Cook Olododo where the farms inputs, chemical and rice processing machineries such as cartons of Insecticides, Herbicides, Pesticides, Sprayer Tank Machine, fertilizers, Anti-Rodents Powders, Rice Mailing Machine, Rice Thresher Machine, Rice Destoning Machine, corn Thresher and many more, were distributed to hundreds beneficiaries. It is worthy of note that the June 2023 empowerment  has marked the 5th special edition of empowering both crops and cultivating farmer dotting across the 23 wards of his constituency and the 18th series of skill acquisition and human capital development, being sponsored by Hon. Cook Olododo, in his sojourn in the National Assembly.

Hon. Cook. Olododo has set the bar so high for the oncoming to beat.

Hon. Cook Olododo is indeed, a man of valor, model of excellent, hope, a symbol of kindness and emblem of intellectual honesty.


In his quest to support and to complements the effort of security men, strength the security architecture and improving the economic activities of his federal constituency, Hon. Abdulganiyu S. Cook Olododo has facilitated  a New Ultra-Modern Model police Station and staff Quarters in Ondoko Area of the Ilorin metropolis.

The Kwara State Commissioner of Police, AIG Paul Odama described  the  project as gigantic edifice which its worth cannot be quantified, he stated this during the commissioning and  handed over event of project to the Kwara State Police Command. In addition, Hon. Cook Olododo had earlier ensure that all the Divisional Police Station under his federal constituency were well illumination by enabling the installation of solar power street lights and presentation of Elepaq Generating Sets to cushion the effect of erratic power supplied to their hosting communities.


Solar lighting takes things one step further. In addition, the use of solar lighting solution has a lasting positive impact on the environment, helps to shape rural and urban communities and accelerates the economics and social development of off-grid population. Hon. Cook Olododo opined that going solar is a way for public stakeholders to provide a better, fair public lighting service.

He therefore facilitated of more than 2,000 poles of solar light and its installation to hundreds of communities across his federal constituency. In his quest to boost their economic activities, improved their economic safety, promote better traffic flow and reduces motorist and pedestrian’s accident. None among the 23 wards that he represented got less than 50 polls of streetlight. It is with utmost believe many of constituents could testify to its presence within their immediate communities.

There are other several self-financed project by Hon. Abdulganiyu Cook Olododo which are too numerous to mentioned, varying from construction of bridges/culvert, road grading, donation of industrial generating set to different communities, construction of modern toilet in Balogun Gambari Primary School, contribution to call of Allah, sponsorship of football competitions,  financial assistant scheme for the Needy, Repaired of 145 abandon boreholes across the two LGAs, Donation of Tokunbo cars, motorcycle as gift to constituents and other loyalists, Christmas and Sallah gifts, presentation of musical instrument sets to a  popular wakka Maestro and other upcoming Artists of his constituency, provision of succor to the victims of disastrous Rainstorms and  Education support scheme for undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Why won’t I celebrate this amazing leader, a mentor, affable principal and a father figure who has mean so well for his constituency.

This is rarest opportunity to once more appreciate the unwavering commitment of Hon Cook Olododo who has done so well by making me a better Legislative Aide, as he had graciously facilitated my participation and that of other constituent, Mr Abdulwahab Dauda Abiola, in a 3 -days Training program on Capacity Building and a  Retreat for Legislative Aide and Interns, which was organized by National Institute Legislative Democratic Studies, in partnership with YIAGA AFRICA, CENTRE FOR LEGISLATIVE ENGAGEMENT, at a 5stars Hotel, the Johnwood Hotel, Wuse zone 5, Abuja, between day 14-16, February, 2022.

It was indeed an excellent and uncommon privileged accompanied with indelible memories of various activities within the tutor underwent in that auspicious program tagged “  Constituency Office Internship Program” ( COIP) where the series of knowledge base, sharing of Legislative Experience  and Wisdom strength issues were interactively discussed.

Even though over three thousands legislative Aides and interns applied from across the nation, after a careful scrutinization, only 37 participants were selected and Hon Olododo was able to secured my participation and that of my co-participant; Abdulwahab Dauda.

Hon Cook Olododod is truly a leader who knows his onion. That gesture is a testimony that further cements his personality as indefatigable leader who is overly concerned in bringing and nurturing people irrespective of their background.


I recall some notable statements during the campaign for Hon. Olododo’s re-election bid in February 2023, he said “as your representative, my commitment and determination to keep my promise of effective representation and continuous, viable and sustainable empowerment of our people account for the impactful stories of changed lives and many other success we have recorded for not just our constituency but for the nation as large.”

“It is my resolve to push not only further but farther into deep recesses of our collective sleeves to stimulate productivity, enhance capacities and empower people with the ultimate goal of individual and collective growth”.

“As we walk the frontiers of this new age of capacity building; I desire that constituents will begin to become aware of how competence can begin to change the narrative about our quality of life and lead us on to design solution to our topical issue”.

“As we seek your support and mandate in our continual effort to effect infrastructural presence and capacity building; our strategy is three-pronged; to deliver quality skill acquisition training, empower the participants to initiate a business life cycle for themselves and provide a support network system not just among one another as colleagues but with other professionals. This strategy is designed to enable beneficiaries to take advantage of the opportunities that about also be in a place to empower other people in the constituency”

The above assertion has promoted me to think and have a sober reflection of the huge opportunities my constituency had ignorantly missed. Your vision and mission was clear to the blind and audible enough to the deaf. You have enormously committed and dedicated to development of our constituency and the growth of its constituents as individuals, your focus is exemplary act that is worthy of appreciation and applauded.

Indeed, Hon. Olododo is a beacon of light, a mentor and superhero who has positively inspired many young mind to greatness, including my humble self.  It is incumbent as a token of appreciation to say ‘THANK YOU’ to him for doing us proud and written his name in gold by setting the standard and the record so high for the on-coming.

He is a walking political encyclopedia, long may he live, for many people to drink from the depth of his intellectual stream.

I want to therefore seize this medium to register heartfelt appreciation on behalf of my family, immediate community, my ward; Akanbi IV, Akanbi District and Ilorin South constituency, to Hon. AbdulGaniyu S. Cook Olododo, for the rarest privilege and uncommon opportunity given to me to serve this Nation through his benevolence appointment of my humble self to serve as Legislative Aide to him in the National Assembly.

It is indeed,  a remarkable circumstance, laced with an indelible memory of a prismatic activity, tutoring underwent in his leadership acumen where i tapped enormously from his pool of knowledge base, sharing of expository experiences and practical mentorship that has broaden my horizons.

Having assisted and worked with many people without knowing their accent. It is testament that cements his personality and portrays him as leader who had been bringing the best out of people irrespective of their background or other affiliation.

Hon GSCO is not just a leader, but also,  a quintessential, truly committed, and compassionate torchbearer who merits all the honour, it is priceless opportunity and undefinable privileged to have worked and be walking very close with him to make life more meaningful  for the Ilorin East and South constituents.

It is with no doubt by all estimate, that the 9th House of Representative which he was a major and active participant has been the most productive legislation in the history of our democracy.

Hon Olododo`s nationalistic contribution on the floor, sub-headship repositioning of standing committee, turning-around of many agencies and parastatal under his competent capacity has been a product of shrewdness .wealth of experienced as a seasoned public administrator and consistency as northern star.  The ways and manner he had chosen of do things by exhibition of uncommon leadership traits truly represents that of a leader to look out for.

Thankful for doing us proud in the National Assembly and the national politicking as he has written his name in GOLD by setting up a great pace, standards and unprecedented records so high for an oncoming with a quality legislation advancement, infrastructural excellent, skill acquisition and human capital development devotion and dedication for an effective leadership as well all-inclusiveness representation.

A big thanks for given me the opportunity to learn; on-learn and relearn by providing a platform and creating enabling environment for us the legislative Aides to contribute without hindrance limit. The accessibility, openness, job enrichment and scope enlargement has greatly improved and made many of us a better prepared for the challenges in a distance future. Thank you for making me an hardworking, reliable, competent and a better Aide. I thank you most sincerely for it, sir.

Long may he lived, for many people to drink from the deep of his intellectual stream and certainly, history shall continue to be kind to him.

Aderibigbe was a Legislative Aide to Hon (Dr) Abdulganiyu Saka Cook-Olododo Constituency Office


Ibrahim Sheriff is the Editor of Fresh Insight and former Special Assistant on Media to the Speaker, Kwara state House of Assembly. Although a management science researcher by training, he has over five years experience of practice in Journalism, Public Relations and Communication Strategy. Sheriff holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Bachelors Degree in Banking and Finance from Kwara state University, Malete. He has Certificates in Digital Journalism, Enterprise Creation and Skill Acquisition (ECSA) and Basic Econometrics Data Analysis, as well as Bank of Industry (BoI) Certificate in Business Management. He is also a holder of Diploma in Cooperative Studies from Kwara state Polytechnic, Ilorin.

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