OPINION: Kwara 2023: The PDP Zoning that tells a true story

By Haruna Mohammed Likpata

I write this piece as my new year message for the benefits of an ordinary voters who are residents in Kwara state. I gave it this title because it necessitated who we are as a people regardless of where you come from. As we go into an electioneering year to redirect the course of our dear State, Stories of different kind will be out there to rewrite the destiny of the people of Kwara that will or may not be in the principles of fairness, equity and justice. As an ordinary voter, what will always interest me and thousands of other voters in building the true future of our dear State is to ask if infrastural developments in all aspect of human lives negates the principle of fairness and equity.

Before I deeply go into today’s piece, I would like to give more insights for us to understand the true existence of human kind in our lives. In the llife we live today, every struggle you embark upon will sometimes be seen as impossible, it may also be seen as an opposing idea that could sometimes portray you as a bad people, or people who are against developments. Sometimes you are tagged as people who doesn’t see anything good in those in the position of leadership. All these are assumptions in human mind that does not tell a true story of who you are.
Those occupying the positions of leadership will tell you the best approach ever that will make tomorrow seems impossible for you especially in politics.
They have a lot of defense mechanism to tag you as an enemy of developments. They will call you names to say you have always opposed developments. All these are done to refrigerate the voters mind towards the realization of their political future. You just have to keep up your game.

I want the people of Kwara state in a matter of orderliness that allows true participation of all rights to make or choose people into positions of leadership inline with our values that embraces fairness and love, putting into consideration three things as we go into another election year in few months.
1. To see all Kwarans regardless of where they come from as one entity, driven towards unity of all citizens of the state.

2. Voters to consider our long time relationships in the State to make a decision that will bring a strong and resilience fate that we are all dependable allies among the three senatorial districts and that fairness, equity and justice has to prevail.

3. Voters should elect a governor that reflects all sense of humility of acceptance of all, putting in mind that a part of this State has never been giving the opportunity to serve the people of Kwara as an Executive Governor of the state which does not reflects fairness, equity and justice.

Today, It is no longer news that the peoples Democratic party (PDP) had zoned its gubernatorial ticket to Kwara North. This is one debate that had taken over social media in recent times.
I have said to many Kwarans that the zoning of the ticket to Kwara North by Peoples Democratic party was not a case of PDP getting back to power in Kwara state, but it is about having to show true love and compassion that every part of the state is as important as who we truly are as a people.

It is about trusting one another, it is about promoting unity among all Kwarans. It is about solidifying our journey of decades as a state of Harmony. It Is about fairness and equity. It is about conscience that preaches peace and love. It is about the three Senatorial Zone having the potentials to provide developments for all Kwarans.

The PDP ticket to Kwara North had inspired thousands of Kwarans across divides that a true story about Kwarans is about to be written again. A true story that the settlers of Kwara State have always being promoting. A true story that no son and daughter of the state can be deny their true identity as a people when it comes to taking positions of leadership. PDP had showed that Kwara state has the highest treasured motto as a State of Harnony of good people that live in peace, unity, love and care.

I hope that a new future will be put in place for the people of Kwara state in support of fairness and Justice. A hope that is not about regional politics or sentimens. A hope that it is not only about me but about us. A hope that is just and fair. A hope that I see every sons and daughters of Kwara State as an inspiration. A hope that no matter my strength in the society, I still value you. The relationship of citizens of Kwara state is like a marital symbol that preaches fairness, justice, and endurance in all equitable manner. That preaches true love and show compassion as a people, that believes every tribe and region is as important as existence of Kwara state.

The gubernatorial ticket Zoned by the PDP is a wake up call and a new directional guide for all political parties. The zoning is not just about power shift, but an opportunity for the three zone to show their potentials for the people of Kwara state. The zoning will allow a competitive developments in the State that will show potentials of the three senatorial Zone of how they have managed the state. The zoning will serve as a reference point that only history lives longer than humans. No individual interest or political ambition should take away our collective peace and trust that have always existed among sons and daughters of Kwara state.

The PDP ticket was never a mistake by the leaders of Peoples democratic party in Kwara state. It was a deliberate move by the party’s leadership, which has installed trust and confidence among the people of Kwara today. Only sincerity can outweigh your love for people.

I have engaged hundreds of people both on social media, through physical chatting and phone calls that the PDP ticket to Kwara North is to reinforce trust and confidence in the minds of Kwara residents. That tomorrow can be better for every citizens of the State. I also urge the Governor of Kwara state, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazak that this is an opportunity for him to write his name on the plater of Gold, to tell the world as a first Governor that believes in fairness for infrastructural developments across the state and fairness in in equity and justice to support a Kwara North Governorship struggle come 2023.

I believe Mr. Governor will have full support of his party men if he decides not to contest 2023 gubernatorial election. I’m certain that the Governor will not fall short of his admirers who he believe so much with credible potentials to take forward his developmental plans for the State. This the people of Kwara will know and believe that truly the Governor is a man with full of surprises. One of the smartest credentials the Governor could have added to his CVs is that no Governor in Nigeria have ever drop his ambition because of love for his people not to seek second term in office. He will forever be remember in the history of Kwara and Nigeria that he was never defeated but allows his conscience to prevail for the interest of all that is just, fair and equitable and acceptable to all Kwarans who believe in justice. This could be an unbroken history in Nigeria by the Kwara Governor.

Let me remind us all of a great concern to all voters in Kwara State. As Kwarans we all have a duty to promote unity of purpose in the state. I have listened to many of my friends who are all over across the party lines in the State, that truly and in total admittance that there is need for power shift. Their reason is simple, that it is important and for posterity, power should shift to Kwara North if for 23 years of democracy by 2023, a part of this state that had contributed heavily to promoting democracy, unity and love should be supported in all ramifications.
Many of these friends are strong APC supporters whom we have had series of engagements with since zoning of PDP ticket to Kwara North. This is one big fact that cannot be deny by every sons and daughters who believe in Kwara of our dream and for all Kwarans.

The zoning arrangement in Kwara PDP today was a case of give and take that allows a State of Harmony like Kwara ought to have been and to grow a more collaborative people than a regional sentiments. Kwara North today didn’t see Kwara Central families or Kwara South families as a different entity but as brothers and sisters.

We all need each other’s supports to grow, exist as families, embrace a true culture of a State of Harmony and stand by each other. I urge all voters residence in Kwara to in a matter of peaceful coexistence, love and care to support their families from the North. Kwara North has always provided that support.

Dear Kwarans, there is a public knowledge that cannot be overemphasized in the journey of Kwara state since it’s creation. I also understood very well that the people of Kwara knows this history but the need for continued efforts to keep us brave of the past that is important as we go into 2023 elections in Kwara State. Kwarans have been voting since our renewed hope in the country’s democracy since 1999 till date. Elections are categorized in phases at different levels of government. From Members of House of Assembly, House of Representatives, Senators and the Governor.
Every constituents are fully represented for fairness, equity and justice. These include Members of State Houses of Assembly where each Local Government produce member(s) to represent that level of government to uphold the interest of his/her people at the Law making body. We have Members of House of Representatives and the Senate to represent various constituencies at the National Assembly to speak on behalf of their various constituencies that will have impact in all the federal Laws,  policies and projects. These legislative rights are for every part of the society to have a feeling that they belong and have had impacts at various levels of engagement in representing their people. This is constitutionally guaranteed efforts that no community should be without a voice.

I gave this reflective background for all voters in Kwara state to understand the perspective of my drives. Now to the bigger constituents which is the State. Kwara State constitutionally is recognized with three Senatorial Zones just as every part of Nigeria States. Each of this Senatorial zone produced members of both States and Federal legislators to have a voice at various levels of government and to manage concerns and share the views of their people at maximum level that will reflect developments in Law, policies and projects. Kwara State is blessed with great people of reputable characters with good faith recognized in religion and encourage all humans at all times to supports fairness and justice in every human faces.

Kwara has a long history of togetherness. I will not be emotional not to lose the purpose of this piece. Now, we have a sitting Governor where Kwarans has to determine is fate in the next one and half year to complete his tenure. The purpose of this piece is not to say the current governor cannot contest for his second term in office as guaranteed by the Constitution of Nigeria, but the Governor will in a matter of honesty face a tougher challenge as Kwara politics is getting more evolved. The simple reason is this; Kwarans have admitted that Yes! A part of this state for 23years by 2023 have fully stood with every sons and daughters of the state and deserves to be honored or giving a chance to lead the people of Kwara for another four years. Kwarans will decides that, it is for all purpose to have every sons and daughters of the state from any part of Kwara to drive developments that is for all.

Kwarans will decides that, it is only fair to have people from the North to build the State just as every other part of the State had done. Kwarans will say, it is in the moral face of human kind to believe in true coexistence of all Kwarans. Kwarans will say, if for 23years two Senatorial Zones have led and still leading the state, it is only fair to allow Kwara North to have a drive of our collective destiny. Kwarans will say, it is for the interest of our long existence as a people we must make a change that will be seen as fair and sincere. Kwarans will say, there is need for us to bring the state to a more religious state like ours is known for fairness, equity and justice.

I want to tell all sons and daughters of Kwara, that nobody dislike the current Governor from this part of the state but as people who had waited for 23years to produce a Governor for all Kwarans hence the agitations and appeals across the state. Kwara North only deserves to be supported by all Kwara citizens who believe in our existence as a people of single entity. Kwarans should see PDP Governorship zoning as a triumph on building trust among the citizens of the State.

I want to say that there is no best time to make justice to work. There will always be change of leadership and governance which will never cease in every society but the people do. I do hope that Kwarans as events unfold  will see reasons to adjured that truly Kwara North deserves all supports. Thank you.


Ibrahim Sheriff is the Editor of Fresh Insight and former Special Assistant on Media to the Speaker, Kwara state House of Assembly. Although a management science researcher by training, he has over five years experience of practice in Journalism, Public Relations and Communication Strategy. Sheriff holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Bachelors Degree in Banking and Finance from Kwara state University, Malete. He has Certificates in Digital Journalism, Enterprise Creation and Skill Acquisition (ECSA) and Basic Econometrics Data Analysis, as well as Bank of Industry (BoI) Certificate in Business Management. He is also a holder of Diploma in Cooperative Studies from Kwara state Polytechnic, Ilorin.

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