OPINION; Gov. Abdulrazaq Government’s lawlessness, Deceit and Rascality

By Alh. Abdul-Rahoof Bello-Làbẹ́làbẹ́
It is awful and nerve-racking to observe, in 42-month, that the Kwara State government led by Mall. AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq, is a good example of bad leadership.
The outlawry propensity of both the Executive and Legislative arms of the government has made the Governor (AA) a folk hero in perversity and deviance. Below are few instances.
*1. Statutory Commissions*
The first task to be executed by GAA on his assumption of office, was the dissolution of statutory Commissions whose tenure were still extant. They were:
a). State Independent Electoral Commission (KWISEC)
b). State Assembly Service Commission (KWASC)
c). State Local Government Service Commission (KWLGSC)
d). State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM)
e). Elected Local Government Councils
*2. Sundry Infractions*
Other Executive lawlessness constituting impeachable offences, committed with brazing impunity by GAA, are:
a). Unlawful appointment of Transition Implementation Committee (TIC) to 16 LGAs
b). Appointment of a civil servant who share same biology with the Speaker as Clerk to the State House of Assembly.
c). Illegal *tenure extension* to the Clerk (Aisha Kperogi), against the Civil Service and Parliamentary Rules
d). Unlawful termination of State’s Auditor-General’s appointment.
e). Award of contracts without observing due diligence.
f). Unlawful tinkering with the LG funds, as alleged by a former Commissioner of LG and Chieftaincy Affairs, Aisha Patigi.
g). Denial of Kwara citizens the rights to freedom of information by sitting on the *Freedom of Information Bill*. This is done in connivance with the invertebrate and disastrous State 9th Assembly.
h). False claim of dubious achievements in the fictitious supply of 100-unit of furniture to imaginary LGEA School in Omupo.
However, it would be recalled that GAA administration has been successively indicted by different Courts of competent jurisdiction over many of its Constitutional breaches.
The Court of Appeal in Ilorin, while dismissing the appeal filed by the State Government over the appointment of Transition Implementation Committee/Caretaker (TIC) in the 16 Local Government Areas, Justice K. I. Amadi upheld the judgment of the State High Court by Justice Hamed Gegele and declared the GAA action as amounting to *Executive Rascality* (Courtesy ENetSuD).
Despite this landmark judgement, it seems no lesson has been taught nor learnt by the Governor who appears deviant and recalcitrant against international best practices! Below is another evidence.
*Kwara State College of Education (TECHNICAL), Lafiagi*
The Provost of the College, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Dede, according to available documents, is to complete his 5-year single tenure in April next year. Coincidentally, the same year he would have been caught by statutory *”service year”* for retirement.
Following the bad precedence already established by GAA administration, he applied for *tenure extension* by 2-year. The invertebrate Governing Council of the College under the Chairmanship of one Alh. Aladie, seems to have accepted to grant the unlawful request.
One Dr. Sekiwa who represented academic community was the only opposition voice against the illegality, and guess what? He was slammed with a query by the *authoritarian* Governing Council.
As the looming crisis incubates, the *”Lafiagi Emirate Youths Transparency Association (LAEYTA)”*, sent a warning signal to the Governing Council to perish the thought of granting tenure extension to the Provost. The following reasons were advanced against him:-
1). Poor administrative skills to manage and maintain the College infrastructure. Citing example of the Woodwork Machine in the workshop that has become decadent.
2). Blacklisting of the College CBT centre by JAMB
3). Progressive declining of students registration
4). Withdrawal of facilities to the College by TETFUND
5). The suspension of Youths Empowerment and Social Support Operation (YESSO), by the Federal Ministry of Finance
It was against this background that the LAEYTA has sounded the note of warning to the Council but all to no avail, apparently, because of the tacit support by some hawks in the government!
The question again is: Why has GAA administration been taking relish in Lawlessness; Impunity; Ineptitude and Administrative Rascality?
Kwarans are highly disappointed by GAA’s administration that was expected to be progressive in every material particular in governance and sustainable development goals, which was the original motive for the *O To Gẹ́ẹ́* revolution of 2019.
In conclusion, it is better for the Governor to sit back and engage in self-assessment and performance evaluation of the people around him. Sometimes, the insects eating the vegetable leave in the vegetable, so goes a Yoruba adage.


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