NGO bemoans increasing gender based violence

By Immam Moromoke
A Non governmental organization, know-covid 19 has decried the increase in gender based violence since the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic in Nigeria.
According to a report by Knowcovid-19 Nigeria, women face 96% of all forms of violence between June – September 2020. This increase, which was recorded across all states in Nigeria, poses a big threat in the fight against gender-based violence.
A record of 1,512 cases was recorded in June – the highest in recent months. Record also shows that 4,560 cases of GBV was recorded in 33 states including the FCT between June and September 2020 with the highest cases, 850, recorded in Lagos.
Benue state has 220 cases – second highest in the country, with Ebonyi state recording the lowest cases at 26 cases. The unprecedented rise in cases of GBV during the Covid-19 pandemic has been a cause of concern.
The report recommended that the government and major stakeholders should collaborate to improve the implementation of laws aimed at protecting victims of this violence and ensuring that offenders are punished.
It also proposed that existing laws against GBV should be reviewed to create a system where perpetrators are tried within a short period and brought to justice. The report also emphasized the importance of creating an awareness campaign to sensitize citizens to participate in combating the menace.


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