Kwara North’s aspirations, the time for the bitter truth is now


By Haruna Mohammed Likpata
 This may look like a debate that no one will ever want to discuss. I used to be an individual that never think we have the leaders that we rarely need but in recent times, following the newly birth individuals who are committed to seeing Kwara North’s success as everybody’s business, prominent individuals from both Kwara Central and Kwara South are already aligning that Kwara North deserves better and should be giving a room to contribute his quota to Kwara’s developmental aspirations at the managerial level.
I give those sincere minds a round of applause and more blessing to their efforts (Amin). Those who are yet to join the ship should kindly do so for the interest of all. I am proud to say it today that, Kwara North unity is considerably growing and the fears of mistrust is gradually disappearing.
I can say for a fact that many personalities are willing and ready to trade in a better direction. Thank you all for those making the concerted efforts to see a better and united Kwara North.
We have fought and won many battles at different levels democratically in the past, but the results of that effect has kept us where we are, ranging from abandonment, inabilities of those in position of power to pick the intellectuals and capable hands that can make impact for the collective development in our society, deliberate intentions and actions of those in corridor of power to weaken us in each LGA across Kwara North, unjust decisions to create mistrust amongst us, and many more.
These battles has created a huge gap for our collective efforts of being together as one family, which is a most if our aspirations are to have any chance of coming to fruition.
This is a wake up call for those who are still adamant or never believe in our true existence as Kwara Northerners, thereby creating selfish balance for an undesirable hardship for all in each LGA across Kwara North. Remember, no one sues for evil succeed to the end with the temporary material gains.
My dear Kwara North Leaders, Please pardon my chosen words that may not be the same with your thoughts reading this piece. I am your own that you may not know but strongly believe in one united Kwara North. It never strikes a balance in my entire world that Kwara North leaders are seen as playing many balls in the same football field to score just a goal in politics.
Name calling, labelling, unverified definitions of any personalities is not in the interest of this piece. Rather it’s a a clarion and wake-up call to spur us to the badly needed introspection which will lead us to where and how we missed it and also guide us on how to the right the wrongs and never repeat same.
It is important that our journey of togetherness must not be seen as a self divider for one side that no one is responsible for and the other side you should have defended but traded with it.
There is need for our leaders to come together regardless of what political party we all belong, to decisively look inward as to how we got to where we are today.
Where do we belong in Kwara North? How has our leaders jealously guided and guarded our pride? Has Kwara North leaders being our problem all along?
We need to discuss one agenda nobody is interested to talk about. Where do we belong to as a people in our own state? What deserves us we deserves it.
Lets me narrow my views on a 3 point for Kwara North leaders to decide what they really want for our people. The future of Kwara North is at the peak of a lifespan that we never bargained for, but this is happening for many reasons I would not like to talk about in this piece.
These views are subsets but they must be seen as whole, for it defines us as a people/individuals.
1. Where did we all get it wrong. Kwara North leaders have played their role in the life of our people in different capacity but we have all been seen all along as a baby seater in this part of the State. Wait a minute, we are not defending/protecting our people in a more democratic ways. This is my point here.
 I once had a conversation with some close allies from other constituencies in Kwara and the one big question I was always asked is that why are your leaders not united? The only answer I was able to provide was that our leaders will do it in a better way but are our leaders really sincere to come together and defend our people democratically? The right thoughts has always been there but why the why?
2. Who is causing us the pains of self denial. Our leaders are never bad in ideas, capacity, foresights, intellectualism, and even the drivers of leading a Kwara that deserves better for all Kwarans. I have always been very careful when writing any piece so as to provide a balance for my arguments.
Our leaders must closely entrust one another in making sacrifices for a better Kwara North and Kwara at large. Our leaders must be clearly seen as speaking for what is our right and that we deserve better.
Kwara North of today is no longer the dull ball game you all used to know, everyone has seen it where it all hidden.
The masses are calling on you the leaders of Kwara North regardless of where you belong for a more unifying and pro-Kwara North progressive agenda, to take a step forward and stop making us live like a cobwebs hanging to make a net.
We all deserve to be treated as one united Kwara. Kwara North youths are watching very closely on your actions and inactions for they would never want their future to be traded off. A case of today must be treated and resolved today.
3. At whose expense are Kwara North leaders not standing united. This question is not too far from the beginning of this piece to the very last of this piece. Have we all not seen how our leaders not going the same way? I want to seize a moment here to ponder for reasons I can not easily define. It has never been the same for Kwara North leaders. Difference in context and ability to catch home what they think best but not what we collectively deserved.
I want to beg you all as leaders we respect, admire, deserve, and appreciate to stand firmly, united and defend the Kwara North that is better, treasured, and tolerable. Our leaders should keenly see a better Kwara North as their project. A division that is not in our interest must not be seen near Kwara North. Kwara North will resist you, reject you, and condemn any action(s) that is contrary to our unity and such individuals will be seen as an enemy of Kwara North.
Haruna writes from Edu local government, he can be reached via
Opinions expressed in this write-up are entirely that of the writer and it doesn’t in anyway represent Fresh Insight’s editorial stand


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