Kwara APC crisis: How Saraki is reaping bountifully

By Yahyah Habib
No doubt, with the recent political happenings in Kwara state and unheralded but panegyrized appearance of Bukola  Saraki in Ilorin recently after being on self-imposed political expatriation, one can infer that Kwara politicians are gradually setting the stage ready for 2023 election.
Following the opprobrious defeat suffered by Bukola Saraki who was the Kwara political dictator for more than a decade in the last general election and some other events that followed, one can conclude that Saraki is staging a comeback into Kwara politics.
Yes, it is a given to be defeated in a political contest and try hard to bounce back but the kind of political debacle faced by Bukola Saraki  was circumstantial, therefore, before we talk about the possibility of him returning to the stage, there is a need to first of all analyse the circumstances that brought about his political wrack-up for a sagacious prediction of future events.
It is laughable seeing some paper-tiger politicians claiming the glory for the political humiliation suffered by Saraki, those whose popularities can not even win a single polling unit are now bragging about the glory that is not theirs. In fact what is so special about defeating Saraki?.
Yes, Kwara people from the 3 Senatorial districts were tired of Saraki political overlordship in the state. They felt disappointed in his leadership and rose against all odds to oust him out of power.
It would not have been possible if Saraki did not overestimated his political might and engaged in wrong political calculation.
What do you think would have happened if Saraki had remained in APC? Do you think the political flood of “Oto gee” would have eroded him in the last general election?. The answer is NO.
Saraki has never won any election under free and fair condition but with political swindling, arm twisting and wheeling and dealing. He made the fatal mistake of his political career when he left APC for PDP couple with the fact that most Kwarans were tired of his leadership.
Another factor that contributed to the humiliation Saraki suffered was the failure of his successor to pay minimum wage among others.
No doubt, most of the factors that ingredients Saraki’s defeat in the last election are no more there. Buhari’s factors will not be there in the next general election, the failure of his anointed successor will not be there and above all Kwara masses may want to place their political judgement on how well the present administration have fulfilled its electoral promises.
As it stands in Kwara state today, the performance of Governor Abdulrahaman Abdur-razzaq is to say the least contentious and ambiguous. Well, may I say it is too early to judge? Hell no.
The house that was united in the last general election is now fragmented, its unity has become like a rope of sand, most of their supporters are now in discomfiting mood and the central can no long hold the rein of power.
If an election is to be conducted today, are you still convinced APC will take the lead with overwhelming margin? The answer is left for you to decide.
The predicament of APC in the state has created for Saraki the channel of returning back to power, it is like presenting to your former employee a signed blank cheque, what if he takes all your money and you are left with nothing?
The ticket of Saraki returning back is in the hands of APC stalwarts in the state, especially governor Abdulrahaman Abdur-razzaq.
You can seat at the comfort of your home and be talking about Saraki coming or not coming back to power, the truth is his coming back or not depends a lot on the performance of the present administration and how well the governor play his game in the state. Politics is riddled with complexities.
My priority, however, is good governance and better Kwara regardless of who is in charge.
May God help us with the truth to know.


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