Kwara and the Disguising Governor

By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed
2019 was an unprecedented moment when the Saraki Dynasty was defeated by the people of Kwara State. It was a starting point of success that changed the usual narrative and showed to the world that power belongs to the people.
But the landmark of the success was a half-way contract with the emancipation of all Kwarans. There was no diligent and holistic review of who was to succeed the Saraki Dynasty in spite of the available liberation technocrats.
Whilst we fought the Saraki Dynasty, I was kidnapped and severely tutored at gunpoint. We sacrificed all that we had, and confronted the demons in power. We did all we could to liberate the state from Saraki’s hegemony without any expectations from anyone – Kwara State was our priority. The impunity and injustice with yesterday’s government motivated some of us to rise, and we did an excellent job. We went to the nooks and crannies of the state to expose the atrocities of yesterday’s government.
Our impact sent a big signal to yesterday’s government that danger is ahead of them. We confronted their lies with the truth to change people’s orientation and make them know that their right is not a privilege.
AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq was an opportunist who rode on the back of all Kwarans to defeat Saraiki’s Dynasty in the state. The Governor cannot abandon the state’s affairs, violently disrupt the peace of the state and become totally engrossed in a war with his party stalwarts simply because the state chairman of his party purportedly “disrespected” him.
It is crystal clear that, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is out of ideas to pilot the state affairs, and he has turn to be another Saraki who dictates and directs people against their opinions.
APC government is full of deceit, intimidation, harassment and has the knack for using security agencies as a tool to maim and oppress the people.
The governor finds it difficult to pay workers’ minimum wage as promised during his campaign. Another saga in AbdulRahman’s government is contract inflation, allegedly exposed  by ENETSUD. ENETSUD revealed how a contract awarded by the State government for the renovation of Patigi Secondary School was inflated by the sum of ₦31,980,799.
The inexperience and incompetence of the governor has moved the state backward. The governor is shielding corruption and encouraging violence in the state. He is operating the state affairs like a family business. He has rendered the youth useless by drumming party crisis into their ears – no job creation for the youth and no solid empowerment that can salvage the youth from the clutches of poverty to achieve their dreams.
It is a pity for the youth in the state, that some of them have no plans for their future. They only antagonize one another with party crisis on social media without any plan for the future. The governor must place good governance above his party’s squabbles irrespective of the situations.
The babble and raddle flame that is consuming the peace and sanity of the State is orchestrated by the governor and his cohorts. I am hoping it doesn’t escalate beyond that.
After melon has been used to eat pounded yam, its peels become offensive. The same governor who accused his predecessor of injustice during the irregularities in the last council elections, has embarked on the same thing he blamed the people of yesterday.
Immediately he was sworn in, he dissolved all the council chairmen and councilors. Just of recent, he sacked all his cabinet members in the state. Abnormality tends to be a traditional way of worshipping in the realm of deceit and failure by Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.
Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed writes from Ilorin
Opinions expressed in this article are entirely that of the writer and it does in any way represent the editorial Stand of Fresh Insight


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