Kwara 2023: Why we must all Queue behind Justice, fairness and Equity

By Haruna Mohammed Likpata

It is almost impossible for this week’s opinion not to be labelled, rejected by some set of people whose job and pay must be justified, whose loyalty is always in doubt to the unity of all Kwarans, whose decisions or actions are influenced by their political patronage, and whose mindset is affixed to be sold out for a choice that will either make or mar their future.

I will also advice them to unrepentantly review this opinion before making an attempt to discredit their own thoughts. But I will also be glad to welcome any comment that will increase the debate for the need of all Kwarans to see the red line with that of a blue thin wave that has always made one side better or superior than the other.

It is important we review what has not changed in the State. Kwara State has 16 LGAs with three Senatorial District. Kwara Central, Kwara South, and Kwara North. Each of these zones has greatly contributed to the economic development and benefits of all Kwarans. The sharing systems has not changed since return of Democracy in 1999 in terms of appointments, infrastructural developments, Zonal recognition, patriotism, and indeed tolerance for all.

When we look at the existing fraction of each of this zones, we can only tell that pretense has always being the results to woe one part of the state in every four years of an election circle. It is a hard journey for a part of a State to be surcharged when it comes to Governing the state yet so committed in support of all. The emblem that seeded us together as a State of Harmony is gradually drifting away and creating disaffection among Kwarans because of politics of denial, unfair treatment, and injustices.

Let me quickly bring back some sorts of memories that are never new to all the participants in our democratic processes The politicians, Technocrats, the voters, and the watchers of Kwara politics. Kwara, since 1999 has produced 4 Governors in 23 years by year 2023. Kwara Central will be completing her 16years of reign, Kwara South has a shot for 8 years, and Kwara North has not produce a Governor for 23 years since the return of democracy.

The journey of a family must be all together all inclusive to ascertain whose love is most desirable and be seen as loyal and trusted allies we all can count on. I keep asking some questions that ought to be on our lips in the spirit of Kwara for all, that who else should tell us how best we should see ourselves as one Kwara.

Kwara North has proven an unrelenting love and shows the trusted and unbroken mights that it is only fair to show love and be given same when you do not only demand for it, but a prove of sincerity, patriotism on equal for all, building harmony of stronger bond, and encourage true love that is genuine and reassuring.

The demand for power shift to Kwara North come 2023 should not be based on a trade fair for whom has the highest clouts.”

If zoning has almost become a right in Nigeria democracy even when it is based on moral values across the states and even as the debate for which part of the Country should produce the next President of Nigeria continues, why is Kwara a case study for another Nigeria against one part of a Zone to become a Governor?

The best of every human kind is having a large heart that sacrifices made for me should also be giving to the person who assisted me while in need. Kwara North has supported both zones in the State to become a Governor because there was never a time one zone contested an election and they are not being supported by Kwara North.

I want to enjoin all the political actors in Kwara from Central to the South to in a matter of true unity, drop their nursing ambition that will only create more distrust among Kwarans that we are not only truly together on paper, but in true existence of brotherhood.

It is only not moral and self conscience that a part of a State is being cheated and surchanged or taking advantage of, or even denied as citizens of Kwara to govern the State as number one citizen. I want to appeal to Kwarans that we support morality and honesty of a true State of Harmony and peace loving people we are known for. Throw your weight in support of Kwara North to produce the next Governor of Kwara State come 2023. We have no other state than Kwara and the need for total unity is all we pray for.

God Bless Kwara!
God Bless Kwarans!
God Bless Nigeria.


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