Kwara 2023: What the Central, North and South must all do


By Haruna Mohammed Likpata

This piece is not intended to spark mistrust or desire to create disaffection between the Central, the South and the North or even creating fears in our polity, but the truth about sharing that love of togetherness must be taken very seriously.

Every 4years is an election year. Choices for and against are always the change in the game of politics that have outnumbered the genuilty of the true love we all pretend to share among the Central, South, and North.

Many would have thought by now, where my pen is drifting. The mind of millions of people reading this piece is not far from that thought; should we all pretend to love and trust each other, even when we are not being fair to all? Those who truly believe in genuine love knows that sacrifices are made in every relationship to attain a successful and cherishable ending.

Let me not delve too much so as to allow us focus on the main issue on how sincere is our love for each other in Kwara from the Central, to the South and down to the North. How have we lived together as Kwarans over a decade that is devoid of political injustice where what belongs to A is not being supported by B because of lack of equity, fairness and justice. Have we really questioned our sincerity as true Kwarans that do not pretend and see every zone as the same? How do we support each other that would be fair to all where we don’t suppress or pretend to love each other with no equal right?

These many mind buggling questions should be our innermost concern for the true born of this state who sincerely believe that equity and fairness in the spirit of true love support a Kwara Northerner when a new dawn is up.

From Central to South, Kwara North have had cordial relationships with both the Central and the South and had offered her supports since return to democracy. It is now a moral burden without even a housefly raising a dust to block the most tiny hole that will create mistrust among the Central, the South, and the North.

We have embraced a State of Harmony that should be fair to all. Where leaders in their own wisdoms came together to live in harmony, to love, tolerate, and even entrust and accept cross – cultural heritage among the three zones.

It is pertinent to note that even the present and past leaders of Nigeria did not make mistake to have reviewed, adopted, and implemented a constitution that recognizes every part of a state.

I therefore, appeal to all the leaders in the state to form a bond that is undetached with uncommon love, tolerance, sincerity and to endure and not to allow our hundred of years of existence to be forestalled with compassion and empathy where what belongs to all as an equal right should be supported by all.

These will allow fair play, build confidence and trust that every Kwarans or part of Kwara is as important as we see ourselves.

This is a sincere call to all the political gladiators from the Central, the South and the North to create a synergy between themselves where fairness exist, that Kwara North deserves all it takes for our continuous supports to each other and a peaceful coexistence for a better Kwara to allow Kwara North take a shot come 2023 without bitterness or resentfulness as it is long over due.

I sincerely appreciate every reader of this week piece with an open mind that this opinion will not end here but a dream for a better Kwara and unity will be guaranteed, where every part of the State is important and equal.

Thank you and remain blessed.

Haruna writes from Edu Local Government, He can be reached via


This opinion is entirely that of the writer and does not in anyway represent the editorial stand of Fresh Insight.


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