Ilorin With The Doubtable Durbar


Festival is an element of culture, it is used to promote and preserve culture. Durbar maybe a questionable trait to Ilorin, how ever, “acculturation” is permissible in every group of individuals. Durbar is a new adaptable culture to Ilorin Emirate which the touristic and economic opportunities it offers has to be properly harnessed with utmost sincerity of purpose to promote cultural values of the community.

Unfortunately, sincerity of purpose seems to be lacking in this agenda as it is always not properly organized by tourism experts and the festive committee is usually constituted based on sentiment and cronyism .

This festivity supposed to expose Ilorin to the world, attract local and foreign visitors, add to the economic gain of the host community (Ilorin) and make Ilorin a tourist destination visitors get eager to explore every year like the “Ojude Oba” in Ijebu land. There is  even no need soliciting fund from indigenous individuals or state government if there has been sincerity of purpose majority conceive to be lacking. Some people are beginning to see it as an avenue to enrich themselves, that is why the purpose of the Durbar has become doubtable.

If Durbar can be properly organized while co-opting indigenous tourism experts to handle it, it will be a festival to reckon with, that everybody within and outside will look up to every year. Infact funds/contributions will voluntarily come from individuals, corporate entities and even the state government will have no choice than to incorporate it as one of the state’s tourism potentials.

Sulaiman Olayiwola Yusuf is an Ilorin born Tourism expert and international tour guide, he writes from Ilorin.


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