Ilorin based Tech firm launches free coding coaching for kids


Digprom, a leading tech company in Nigeria launches its KidsTech 2.0 training program.

Africa is lagging behind in technology advancement compared to its other counterparts.

Digprom mission as a frontrunner tech company is to shift young people in Africa from technology consumers to producers.

KidsTech is a coding and digital-oriented program designed for kids between the age of 6-15 years of age. These kids will be trained in programming language including Scratch, Python, Arduino, Lua, and so on.


This kid will also be prepared to use these skills in solving real-life problems.

Speaking at the launching, CEO of Digprom, Ishola Kayode remarked “Our goal with Kidstech is to bridge the gap between Africa and other nations in terms of technology. One way to do this is to prepare and nurture the next generation of young Africans on how to build and develop the technology.”

Going further, he added that; The aim of the program is to prepare young Africans for the tech-driven new world.

Ayobami Dunmoye; COO of Digprom and the program lead for Kidstech expressed optimism about the program. “We made the program free for participants so that we can get the best young people to benefit. We intend to make it free and expand the capacity so that kids from underserved communities can benefit and use technology to develop their communities.” – He concluded.

20 young kids will be participating in the training program. The kids were selected across the different communities in Kwara state. The company wants to extend it to other states in Nigeria and wants to partner with brands so as to capture more young people. The program website is

The training program is scheduled to take place every Saturday of the week. And it’s going to last for 8 weeks after which the kids will be assessed and then introduced into other programs.

We interviewed some parents who were amazed by this amazing program. One of the parents Mrs. Omowunmi said: ”I’m happy there’s now an opportunity for my child to learn to program. I’m amazed by the result of the last cohort. And I can’t wait to see my kid start building games and apps with the skills he’s going again.”

She also thanked the Digprom team for organizing this program for the kids and the immense opportunity they are providing these kids.


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