Mercy and Ike’s reality show

Is now close to  a month, and two episodes down, it is unclear if the show is living up to its great expectations on the reality show end of the spectrum.

The only probable reason TV lovers  pay attention to reality shows  is that they have been sold the promise that in exchange for their time, they get exclusive access to the private parts-pun intended-of their subjects.

Big Brother Naija  stars, Mercy Eke and Ike Onyema recently opened their privates to viewers for a second round in their new  TV show called ‘Mercy and Ike’.

‘Mercy and Ike’ gives an exclusive weekly insight into the lives and blossoming romance of the celebrity sweethearts post the famed 2019 reality show. The potential TV star targets the curiosity of die-hard Big Brother Naija fans who have at some point, fantasized about the lives of the reality stars. That and the fact that we all love a happily ever after story.

The picture quality  was impressive  and the  indelible display of luxury plus each episode goes straight to Showmax for fans who can’t catch the action on African Magic Showcase.

The couple gives off no emotion remotely related to attraction. We hear them insinuate that they are in love, even pretend to genuinely care about flirting strangers and I might as well condemn myself to a lifetime of watching the Premier League before I find their romance believable. Behind Ike’s plastic smile is a fed-up brother with eyes that constantly scream unprintable words.

Away from the full-on display of luxury, the drama that only Mercy offers is something to look forward to . Mercy is a worthy onscreen subject because we know she’s a ticking time bomb.

So, in spite of its early flaws, hope is not lost. There might be some Mercy theatrics lurking around corner which means there is still ample time for the show to redeem itself.


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