Guber 2023: What Kwara North Leaders must do

By Haruna Mohammed Likpata
I will like to preface this by saying this is no knock on anyone in position of power or as leaders with this tittle; Guber 2023: What Kwara North Leaders must do As leaders from this Zone, you have all earned your way up the ladder and congrats to you all. Before I go deeper in my opinion to frankly speak the minds and thoughts of majority of young progressive Kwara Northerners on their perspectives on issues of development and your loyalty to the zone that has always be in doubt.
There is need for us to understand who a leader is. I will just mention but few of the qualities of a good leader by simple definition.
A leader positively influences, impacts, protects, makes decisions and uphold expectations while leading from the front. Now, coming back to this simple definition of a leader we can clearly say that the leaders from this part of the State has a moral burden to stand firmly in the interest of Kwara North and not to be seen as jeopardizing the interest of the zone because of personal or parochial ambition.
Protecting the zone and upholding expectations of thousands of Kwara Northerners, and Kwara at large should be their sole responsibility of why they must be considered. But in doing that there are implications of give and take for a success to be assured and guaranteed.
There is a popular saying; that if you want to get to the next level, perform like you are already there. Kwara North leaders must wake up to embrace true and genuine reconciliations for all. Don’t trade your zone for your personal gains.
We are aware of some leaders who pretends and secretly working against the interest of the good people of Kwara North and sabotaging them will never earn you what you are looking for.
Let me ask you some moral questions; What will be your gain when you exchange your zone with your ambition? Who then are you representing or wanting to serve? What legacy do you intend to leave behind? Your name is your future, protect it.
There is need for leaders to seriously caution themselves before their reconciliations hit the rock. Among you are secret moves to fool the majority of Kwara Northerners. I can only say for now we are aware and right time will reveal you all.
Your reconciliations must go beyond the normal tea meetings and begin to move now and start talking to our brothers and sisters in both Central and South. You cannot be a Governor for Kwara North alone. We need each other from Central to South.
You should all put aside your party differences and speak in one voice, you must be seen talking to everybody and that will inform us of your readiness for power shift. The youths are waiting for you to move.
They are ready to stand by you but you must all be seen as working together. Your brothers and sisters from both Central and South are waiting for you to start talking to them. Start now.
In every journey of life, there is always a starting point with a planned destination that will give you glorify moments. Today’s opinion is a wake-up call to you all as potential Governors from Kwara North in the future elections to not only sacrifice your ambitions to come up with a sole contestant that will be Governor for all Kwarans. From Central, to the South and back to the North. The youths are solidly behind you but in an event where your ambition jeopardizes the expectations of younger generations, we would have a better story to tell another day.
It is also expected that as leaders who wants to effect change must be faced with challenges. But you must all be seen demanding for your right and drop that secret mission that is not for all. It is good to have interest in good Governance of the State, but don’t seek for power that is not genuine and anti-masses.
 Allow those who are ready to take the mantle of leadership for all and provide the needed supports that will give a better tomorrow for all Kwarans. Your coming together to speak in one voice was long overdue. This is the time and you must all speak in the same voice as leaders and act as appropriate.
Kwara North has had so many setbacks because of your political interest, where the majority of youths have not had a place in the affairs of the state for selfish reasons. It is only expected now that your coming together should give birth to a new Kwara North that will not only foster love among Kwara Northerners but be seen as creating a lead way and a strong bond with our brothers and sisters from the Central and South. You must stand up now as leaders from this zone and start talking on the Governorship for Kwara North come 2023.
You cannot hide the pains of Kwara Northerners because of your own ambition and not to offend anyone for political endorsement. Power belongs to Allah.
We must be seen as serious and committed with capacity and potentials that we can manage the entire State and deliver devidend of Democracy for all Kwarans .
Our agitations are in order, even the stakeholders from both Central and South knows that it is only fair for Kwara North to lead the State that will be and for all Kwarans
My advice to all the young progressive youths is to critically examine and x-ray all the potential contestants and block any individual whose interest is to do the bidding of some hidden shadows. Kwara North youths should stand up and openly declare your supports for Kwara North come 2023.
There is no harm in benefitting from what you fought for, but remember your home where you come from. You will never be a bad ambassador until you are sold for a change.
Kwara North youth should never be carried away. Elections has been won long ago, Governance is ongoing, and negotiations should be coming home now. Throw your weight behind your leaders. You have no any other place to go and no better time than now. Issues of good or bad leaders are in everywhere. If you are not managing anyone now, you re being managed by someone. God bless you all.


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