Guber 2023: Group warns Kwara PDP against repeating 2019 mistakes


A group within the Opposition Peoples Democratic Party in Kwara State, Kwara North PDP equity forum has warned the leadership of the party, from repeating the mistakes of the 2019 elections that cost it dearly at the polls.

This was contained in a letter jointly signed by Hon. Usman Adamu, Hon. Salihu Mohammed, Hon. Haruna Mohammed Likpata, Comrade. Nura Muhammad, Comraderade Abdullahi Galadima, Comrade Abdul-laziz Suleiman, Comrade Ishiaku Ibrahim, Comrade abdulrauf Iyanda, Comrade Abdulmumin Mohammed and Comrade Joseph Isah Bishe addressed to the State Chairman of the party, Hon. Kola Shittu dated 5th June, 2021 and made available to newsmen in Ilorin, today.

The letter reads “It is for the love of our Party PDP, and respect for its leadership that we, members of the “KWARA NORTH PDP EQUITY FORUM” hereby wish to admonish some overzealous party members regarding some publications making the rounds in the social media titled:

”Emerging Kwara North/South Conspiracy by Concerned Kwara Central PDP stakeholders”.
This is especially so, as the events that led to our 2019 electoral experience is still fresh in our memories.
Although the letter was addressed to you, but we consider it faceless as the writer(s) chickened out by neither signing nor identifying themselves in the document.

“However, an outright disregard of such a write-up is capable of causing an avoidable intraparty confrontation which could in turn bring about a damaging disaffection in a party whose members have painstakingly rebuilt a strong bond amongst themselves since after the last dismal election.

“Infact a total silence on this issue will be a disservice to our great party; PDP.
Like all other states in Nigeria, Kwara State comprises three Senatorial zones with equal constitutional opportunities.

” For any state to attain peace and development, the powers and privileges available to citizens as provided for in the Constitution should be zoned and to rotate within and amongst the Senatorial divides based on principles of justice, equity, fairness & mutual respect.

“All the messengers of God almighty preached that “no one is a true believer unless he/she loves for the other fellow what he loves for himself.”
It’s only through practicalizing such a mindset that mutual trust, peace & development could be guaranteed.
The principle of survival of the fittest belongs only to the wild.

“Mankind being endowed with intellect and guided through the scriptures must operate at a much higher level of; justice, equity and fairness.
To do anything contrary is to descend to the level of the wild.

“God almighty does not want us to descend to the level of the wild that’s why He amongst other things says: “Certainly I, God Command you to always be *just and fair* in all your affairs.

“It has come to pass that the almighty ordained us to live together and Kwara State was born. If this was not an error then the Zone that should produce the next Governor of Kwara State mustn’t be begging for answers.

” To do anything otherwise is go selfish & insincere which is capable of taking us back to the level of the wild.
The PDP Equity Forum accepts that democracy thrives on the rights of all to contest and be game players but with a proviso; justice, equity and fairness.

“This is why Kwara Northers have continued to approach Kwara Central & Kwara South for understanding, cooperation & support.
Proponents of a philosophy of one zone being superior to the other(s) are either myopic or scheming to set one zone against the other.

“They should be identified and be called to order before they spring the party and it’s leadership into another round of political Armageddon.
By 2023, Kwara Central would have spent 16years in power out of the 24years since our return to Democracy in 1999 while Kwara South had it for 8 years.

“The data speaks for itself that it’s time for Kwara North to take the driver’s seat. Only that can guarantee mutual trust, honor, respect & a satisfied sense of belonging so we wonder why our call for justice, equity, and fairness is being given a mischievous interpretation.
The obscure writers attempted to set Kwara North against Kwara Central, by this they make a mockery of themselves as they’re ignorant of historical relationship between the forbearers of the two zones which history records as very robust.

“In those days, Kwara Central is Kwara North just as Kwara North is Kwara Central. The unity and mutual respect between the North and the Central didn’t start in politics and it’s more a reason why Kwara Central should actually be in the fore front of the struggle on behalf of Kwara North.
It gladdens our hearts that it’s largely like that, we therefore admonish the few mischievous and selfserving ones to join forces with the positive minded ones to reflect beyond their selfish ambitions.

” Power belongs to the Almighty and He gives it to whoever He wishes, this phenomenon infact goes beyond human comprehension.
No amount of blackmail will block an agitation that is genuine, sincere, honest and whose time has come.
The Equity Forum appeal to all pure sons and daughters of Kwara Central to continue on the path of justice, equity and fairness in the state and stand firm for a Kwara North Governor to emerge by 2023.


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