Exclusive: Kwara PDP Youth Leader carpets Saraki, demands State Chair’s resignation


The State Youth Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, Prince Haliru Dantsoho has carpeted the State leader of the Party, Dr. Bukola Saraki, describing his leadership style as one laced highandedness, political rascality and lacking in accountability and transparency.

It would be recalled the State Executives of the Party, had announced Dantsoho’s indefinite suspension from the party, alleging him of insubordination and gross misconduct.

An announcement which Dantsoho popularly known as Dan’iya Kaima frowned at, thus necessitating his appeal petition to the national leadership of the Party via a letter dated September 12, 2023 seeking the upturning of the purported suspension.

Responding to the appeal petition, the National Leadership of the PDP under the Chairmanship of Amb. Ilya Damagun via a letter signed by the National Organising Secretary described the purported suspension, and replacement of executives members who resigned, as lacking in due process and against the party’s constitution, thus describing same as illegal, null and void.

Reacting to the declaration of his Suspension unconstitutional, illegal, null and void Prince Haliru Dantsoho, in an exclusive interview with Fresh Insight said “I have said it from day one that my purported suspension was a nullity, as it was against the constitution of our party, which is supreme.
“We assumed office as excos through the instrumentality of the party’s constitution, which we all sworn to uphold and protect, thus anything against the constitution is a nullity.

“I must emphasise that it was the Chairman in one of our meetings that lamented and complained bitterly, about being in the dark as to the actual amount received and disbursed for the last elections.

“Thus, I took it upon myself to rather than say it in hush-hush, officially demand for accountability and transparency in the administration of the campaign funds and that’s what I did, without alleging anybody.

“I was surprised that majority of the excos that we shared the thoughts, and jointly agreed to demand transparency and accountability all chickened out, denied me and even came together to set up a kangaroo panel and came out with a premeditated suspension, which didn’t follow any due process.

“Assuming without conceding that it even followed due process, indefinite suspension is unknown to our constitution, the only suspension known is a maximum of 30 days suspension.

“I however don’t blame them, especially the Chairman, who although is a former Speaker of the Kwara State House Assembly, someone who’s supposed to be well experienced, has proven to be incompetent, he’s turned himself into an errand boy of Dr. Bukola Saraki.

“It’s clear now, that I wasn’t alone abinitio, atleast no fewer than 5 State exco members have resigned after my outcry for accountability and I can assure you, several more will still followsuit across levels.

“It’s sad, Dr. Bukola Saraki want to continue to run the party as he did almost 2 decades ago, forgetting that things have changed, people are now more wiser and everybody now knows their right, as prescribed by the Constitution.

“This is our party, they met us here, we won’t allow anybody, no matter how highly placed or influential to spoil it. The era of highandedness, one man show, leadership tyranny and rascality are dead and buried in Kwara politics.

“As for the Chairman, who has shown he’s clearly clueless and incompetent to run the affairs of a party in this time and age, I advise him to resign, for more competent hand with proven managerial record, based on highest level of probity, accountability and transparency to take charge.

“I also use this opportunity to appreciate the National Leadership of our party, under the Chairmanship of Amb. Damagum and his excos for unanimously throwing away the charade called suspension and declaring it null and void.

“This has shown that the national leadership are men of honour, who respects the constitution and due process.

“My purported suspension was a attempt to divert attention away from the real questions of accounting for the receipt a d disbursement of the campaign funds, I glad that tactics has failed.

“I’ll continue to champion the demand for accountability and transparency as regards the campaign funds and indeed all other financial transactions of our party.


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