Emulate Bolaji Abdullahi, Artisans charge Kwara politicians

By Imam Moromoke
Former Minister for sports and youth development Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi has empowered the Kwara Artisan Congress with a support fund for its members to expand, grow and scale their business.
The development is coming after the Artisans met with Abdullahi to discuss some of the challenges of their members and requested for support in some of the areas that were identified.
The Congress is the umbrella body for all Artisans in Kwara State both skilled and unskilled, the body is responsible for coordinating and regulating the activities of its members and advancing the interest and welfare of members.
The empowerment by Abdullahi according to the Secretary of the Artisans Congress Adeleke Adebayo is being used as a financial credit facility to its members, to expand and scale their business and subsequently refund to the congress after some time.
Adebayo described the intervention as thoughtful, noting that Abdullahi has continued to prioritise the interest of the Artisans through his unwavering support and numerous intervention, adding that this has made him widely accepted by members of the congress for his leadership and empathy.
He said the funds provided by Abdullahi will go a long way to boost the business of its members and provide opportunities for those who are looking to scale their business.
He encouraged other politicians to emulate Abdullahi’s intervention, noting that it will go a long way to reduce poverty and create wealth.


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