Cracks in Gov. Abdulrazaq’s camp, as Youth group carpets Deputy Governor

By Imam Moromoke
The cracks and fight for recognition within the Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq led faction of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is daily widening Fresh Insight can report.
It would be recalled Fresh Insight had reported the growing scheming of various bloc within the Gov. Abdulrazaq camp to outdo one another and position itself as the apple of the Governor’s eyes, leading to a brewing civil war.
The latest of such cracks, is a youth group within the Gov. Abdulrazaq camp who goes by the name Concerned Ifelodun Youth, who according to a release obtained by Fresh Insight are accusing the Deputy Governor, a native of Oro-Ago, Ifelodun local government of religious bigotry and religious exclusionist posture.
The release reads “Your excellency, the executive governor of Kwara State, it is pertinent at this point in our political development that silence in a state of injustice is not only a crime to ourselves but to the entire society.
” The Deputy governor that is supposed to be supportive to your Excellency in his drive to changing the Kwara narrative and build a better Kwara with solid foundation is only interested in causing religious crises where there is none.
“Your excellency sir, without mincing words, we have been watching the conduct of Elder Kayode Alabi closely few months after the election and we can categorically put it to your excellency that there is a ticking religion crises time bomb that is about to explode which may end up reversing us back several years if nothing is done to address it at this moment.
“We have been experiencing a very peaceful coexistence in Kwara State most especially in Kwara South since the existence of the larger Kwara which include the present day Kogi and some parts of Niger State, there is no single family in Kwara South where you wouldn’t find atleast a Christian and hardly could you differentiate the Muslims from the Christians in Kwara south.
“We mostly choose people on merit in Ifelodun local government irrespective of their religion, tribe or social inclination, not until the emergence of this government that we started observing that Elder Kayode Alabi is a religious fanatic who is known to be very deceitful in his conduct with Kwarans, most especially Kwara south as a whole.
“He is very fond of claiming that he is only a figure head in the government and that he hardly understands the governor who oversee all political or non political appointments without consulting him  for inputs but at the end of our independent findings we were able to deduce that he has his own ways of influencing appointments for Christians because he is not always comfortable with promoting deserving Muslims indigents for appointments but also do all he could to stop their appointments using the unsuspecting Christian Association of Nigeria as a cover up.
“We observed that during the TIC appointments in Ifelodun, he ensured that a very strong grassroot politician from Ora was denied appointment as a TIC member because he is a Muslim and under the pretext that CAN is interested, but an unknown Christian that is not known in the struggle of taking back Kwara from Saraki was appointed instead.
“80% of appointments so far into various positions in Ifelodun local government are mostly Christians. We believe that the Christian Association of Nigeria in Kwara have always been conducting themselves as noble men and women of God that will never engage in partisanship and we would never allow the deputy Governor to put the association in the mud.
” On a last note, we are imploring your Excellency to investigate into the activities of the Deputy governor and also call him to order because he is building what will become a problem for ifelodun in the future as ifelodun doesn’t use religion as a yardstick for appointment and he will surely bring the governor down through his conducts and deceits” it submitted


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