Corruption: University Don urges PMB to enlist support of witches, wizards

By Immam Moromoke
A Political Scientist, Comrade Abdul-Rahoof Bello, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently enlist the spiritual support of African witches and wizards, to combat the endemic challenges of insecurity and corruption, navigating the ship of the Nigerian state towards a huge rock.
The former University lecturer proffered this option in a press statement he issued in ilorin over today, stressing that it is time to seek alternative especially orthodox ways of solving the multifaced challenges militating against the desired growth of the Country.
Comrade Bello noted that the time was ripe and right for Mr. President to apply this unorthodox method of African native intelligence in warfare, to defend Nigeria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty against the insurrection of Boko Haram, ritual killings and systemic corruption that seem to have defied conventional solutions of military tactics and strategies.
He wondered why the government has continued to apply the same methods that have yielded no positive results over and over again, even with the deafening prayers by both Muslims and Christians in the country.
He queried why Mr. President has refused to fumigate the nation’s security architecture in obedience to public outcry to allow for fresh ideas? Has the President forgotten that all is fair in love and war?
He reminded the President and Commander-in-Chief, of how Allah (SWA), Commanded the hordes of charger flying birds (Taeran Ababeela), each with a pebble, to flatten the rebellion of the *people of elephants* who had attempted to demolish the House of Allah (Q:105:1-5)?
The political analyst opined that the deployment by Allah(SWA) of Taeran Habaabeel against Ashiaabil feeli, was a symbolic expression of the modern day witchcraft science.
He lamented that the worsening security situation and the systemic corruption have become a thump arthritis dwarfing the landmark achievements of President Buhari and a campaign material for the opposition group to blackmail the governing party.
In conclusion, the Omupo born Don advised the President not to rest, retreat nor surrender to the forces of darkness in religious killings, ritual killings, ethnic cleansing, kidnapping, corruption and all other centrifugal tendencies, threatening Nigeria’s corporate existence.


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