The University of Ilorin earlier today denied 4 of it’s graduating pharmacist students from convoking, at the 4th induction/oath taking ceremony for 2018/2019 academic held at the University’s auditorium.
According to findings by, it was discovered that the affected students one of whom was the best graduating student for the set, Lawal Ameenat Adeola who was number 20 on the published graduands list, Abdulrahman Hamdalat Modupe number on the list and 2 others were prevented from accessing the convoking arena under the guise of ‘not duely’ graduated.

According to one of the parent of the affected graduands she said “This is the height of offiçial recklessness and academic betrayal I’ve ever witnessed in my life, it is unbelievable that Students will be certified to have graduated, with published details of the graduands and someone would just wake up and say they won’t be graduated.
“Unilorin is a novel University that should have gone beyond this academic embarrassment, humiliation and fraud, what on Earth would warrant a sane school to declare students as having fulfilled all required and thus graduated only to turn back and say they cannot be convoked” she lamented while crying.

Another visibly angry parent said “The event that was slated for 10am, couldn’t start until 11:47am and yet this is supposed to be a better by far University. It is unimaginable that some of us invited family, friends and we’ll wishers from across the Country to felicitate with our children who were supposed to convoked today having satisfied all requirements and graduating list published only to be told they’ll not be allowed into the convoking arena.

“I think the University must apologise for causing us this embarrassment and causing the affected graduands psychological trauma, this is unheard of and definitely would be taken to the highest legal level, this is nothing but fraud of the highest order” he stressed.
Speaking with under a condition of anonymity, one of the affected students said “We went through all normal clearance processes like everyother of our colleagues, we were duely’ cleared, we paid for the gown and was given, only to be stopped from entering the auditorium for our oath taking, we were stripped off our gowns on the guise that we had outstanding courses.

“As you can see my colleagues and some parents are crying uncontrollably, this is the height of sadness I’ve ever known in my life, after studying hard for 5 years, only to be prevented from finally fulfiling my dream” she bemused.
Independent findings by showed that the lateness to commence was owing to the fact that the VC didn’t want to attend because he wasn’t adequately carried along, he was however prevailed upon after hours of pleading, he grudgingly accepted.
Tracing the genesis of the imbroglio, it was discovered that the affected students most of whom were transfered from other departments and faculties after there first year, didn’t seat for a compulsory 100 level courses CSC 101 and PLB108 for first and second semester respectively.
According to investigation by the former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prof. Abdulkareem Agunu who is late waved the courses for the Direct Entry and transfer students, thereby ensuring the never had to sit for the course.

However it was gathered that the Prof. Agunu who is late was replaced by Dr. Aremu Olusola Isaac who is the Acting Dean who insisted the waived courses must be revisited and the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abdulkareem Age, insisted they must seat for the hitherto waved courses before they can be certified graduate.
However, the University when it published the list of it’s graduating students included the names of the affected graduands, thereby confirming that the Senate of the Institution approved there names as part of the 2018/2019 academic session graduands.
The graduating list which was published by school, sent to the parents of all graduating students including the affected graduands was availed this medium.

It was also gathered, the parents of the affected students were made to pay all necessary fees, sign all necessary documents only to be denied access to the convoking arena and oath taking.
All attempts to speak with the Dean, Dr. Aremu Olusola Isaac and Prof. Abdulkareem Age were unsuccessful as at the time of filing this report.


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