Breaking: Group threatens to occupy Kwara Assembly over refusal to swear-in Hon. Agboola


By Immam Moromoke

A Kwara based Non-governmental civil society organization, Kwara Agenda has bemoaned the refusal of the Kwara State House of Assembly to swear-in the rightful representative of Ilorin South at the House of Assembly.
The group at a press conference held today, in ilorin and read by its State Coordinator Com. Yakub Haroon Kannike, while expressing misgivings with the “unholy” alliance between the executive arm of government, security agencies and the Assembly, stressing that it is an affront on the Court and constitutional democracy, stressing that has concluded arrangements to occupy the Assembly until the court ruling is obeyed.
“Today is a sad day for our democracy as we can authoritatively relay to you that despite these serial court pronouncements and enforcement order by appeal Court, the Speaker in what we consider as grand conspiracy by some forces from the executive arm of government had refused to swear-in Hon. Agboola to begin people of Ilorin South State constituency have had no representation at the House as of last year September when the tribunal had taken its decision.
” To worsen the picture, Hon. Abdulazeez Oluwanilo who had been declared as an impostor by court is still being allowed to seat at the House and draw illegal salaries and allowances on behalf of the Ilorin South people.
“We must condemn the silence of all security agencies in Kwara State including the judiciary while this is open disregard of court and law of the land. The unfortunate silence of security suggested that they have all compromised their lawful duties to uphold laws and order and ensure full enforcement of our laws.
“Today, an impostor is attending plenary and drawing from taxpayers money illegally and there seems to be no consequences, will the police authority claim to be unaware of all these contemptuous tendencies ongoing in the State” it reads.


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