Breaking: Court remand Atakoro, 5 others in Oke-kura for 41 days over Rape, Attempted Culpable Homicide


An Ilorin magistrate has remanded a Social Media Herbalist, Sulton Ojuwomi Atakoro, Olaitan Ibrahim Olalekan, Alhaja Omowumi and others at large to Oke-Kura custodial centre till January 17, 2024.


It would be recalled Fresh Insight had earlier exclusively reported the arrest of Atakoro for rape, arson and culpable homicide, affirming that he’ll be arraigned in Court today.


Fresh Insight findings confirmed that the 21 years victim, Firdaos Jimoh was serially raped and set ablaze by Atakoro in his shrine, in Ibadan.


Speaking with Fresh Insight on the condition of anonymity, a source who narrated the incident said

“Firdaos went to temporarily live with her mum’s friend Alhaja Omowumi when she had minor issues with her mother, mainly because the house is closer to the fashion designer shop where she’s an apprentice


“Few days after, Alhaja Omowumi called Firdaos’s mother that her Gold jewelry (earrings) was missing and she wants to go to police station to report. She took Fridaus,and her children (Medinat and Ayinde) to the B’ Division police station, as the suspects.


“However, they left the police station shortly afterwards and headed to Atakoro’s house in ibadan for spiritual consultation on the their, without the consent of Fridaus mother.


“On getting to ibadan, Atakoro checked the 3 of them Medinat and Ayinde (both children of Alhaja Omowumi) with Fridaus and confirmed that none of the thrio stole the Gold jewelry.


“Alhaja Omowumi however insisted that she strongly feels the thief is Fridaus, thus, she should be spiritually checked thoroughly.


“According to Fridaus, she then told them that they should start going back to ilorin when she was pushed back into the power house and made to kneel down.


“Atakoro poured whiskey on her body and then hit her with a charm on the chest.


“The next time she became conscious, she already had fire on her body, it was Ayinde who ran out to get water to pour on her.


“After that Alhaja Omowumi left her with Atakoro and went with her children to sleep somewhere else.


“Atakoro approached her in that condition and rubbed something on her private part and had canal knowledge of her twice before day break. According to her, the first time blood came out because she was still a virgin


“She was then taken to a place (not hospital) where they were rubbing lime on her. After a week, they brought her back to ilorin


“Upon arrival in Ilorin, Doctors confirmed that she was already decaying when they brought her to his hospital and she’s presently responding to treatment”


“The Police launched a manhunt for Atakoro on Friday and by Saturday he was already arrested in Lagos and brought to Ilorin to answer for his crime” the source added.



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