Aren’t all Kwara wailers and hailers same ?


By Yahyah Habib

I have been to almost every part of the country and one way or other involved in their political game. I have read a lots about politics and how it should be play but believe me, Kwara politics is one of the worse I have ever witnessed.

The real definition of political bitterness and pettiness is Kwara politics.

The question now is; how do we get of this acridity that we are entrapped with.

Until the HAILERS and WAILERS jettison pettiness and embrace WISDOM, their JAILERS – (who are UNITED across ethnic-religious-political classes) will continue to OPPRESS them.

Until The SARAKITES and OTOGITES eschew all forms of political bitterness, jettison all kinds of political pettiness and embrace high level of political maturity, then we can set a path to effective political system that works not only for individual or group of political jobbers but for all.

When Banana is rotten, the HAILERS said “No, it’s not rotten but overriped” the WAILERS said “No, it’s not overriped but poisonous” , who among them is sincere in judgement?.

Under every/any guise, be sure that the our ELITES will always unite and rally round their own. This is the reality that should make citizens wiser and more circumspect, as they too learn to coalesce and demand for ACCOUNTABILITY, with unflinching focus, courage, persistence and consistency.

Our political Elites have their meeting point but we are destroying our own meeting point where we need to sit together, put our political differences aside and talk about development.

It’s hardly you see a platform that is free of political bashing and assault in Kwara state. All our meeting points where we supposed to be foster ideas for development have turned to melting point where we boil and roasted ourselves. But why?.

Stop deceiving yourself, Kwara will transform when we invest in/advocate for our communities, get involved in politics/leadership/governance at the grassroots and shun political bitterness.

Human Capital Development occurs when we invest in schools/libraries/teachers/playgrounds/sports centres/makerspaces/sports/skill centres in our villages and communities.

The funny part is Kwarans are not talking about the necessaries but we focus on pettiness that help no SARAKITES OR OTOGITES. Why are we like this?.

Most Sarakites I know want better Kwara, most OTOGITES also want better Kwara but not all in position of power past and present want our dream of better Kwara achieved.

The time is now to close ranks and lift Kwara up.

May God help us the truth to know.


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