4 die of covid 19 in Kwara, as Prof. Gobir chides ilorin residents over physical distancing


By Abdulrasheed Akogun

The official casualty figures of covid 19 as at yesterday night in Kwara State has risen to 4, according to the NCDC Fresh Insight can report.
This was contained in the periodical graphics from the stables of the State government, which details the statistics of the covid 19 in Kwara State.
According to the latest graphix uploaded by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor who also doubles as the spokesperson of the Kwara covid 19 technical team in the State it gives the latest statistics as follows.
“The state have had 149 confirmed cases, while 71 have since recovered and discharged, 74 cases are still active.
The total number of tests conducted stands at 1595 as at yesterday, as 68 test results are still being awaited.
Meanwhile, Ilorin born Prof. Aisha Gobir have frowned at the way and manner people in Kwara especially Ilorin emirate have continued to float physical distancing guidelines in their daily activities, stressing the inherent dangers in the taking of covid 19 pandemic with levity.
Prof. Gobir who is of the pediatrics department of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital made this through a short post titled ‘A timely warning’ and it reads “As a medical practitioner,  it would be a great disservice to my dear community if I don’t sound a note of caution. There have been several ceremonies in the emirate in the last three weeks that have completely violated all the COVID-19 preventive measures as in the government guidelines.
“There are indications that the pandemic is worse today than it was a month ago. There are many more cases moving around undetected and who are transmitting to others. Some deaths are COVID-19 but undetected.
“Previous epidemics even in the times of the Prophet and Sahabas killed more pious, more knowledgeable and more wealthy people. We pray, but are our prayers more potent than those of our pious predecessors?
“My plea is that we should all be more responsible by wearing facemasks when in public, avoid crowds and practice physical distancing. Hand washing and use of hand sanitiser as necessary. Please don’t join those saying we have prayed or its a scam. Its dangerous.
“Here in Ilorin, many are sick, some very, a few critically. Some contacts are not known. Allah doesn’t enjoin carelessness on us. Be responsible. Good morning and have a pleasant weekend” she stressed.


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