2023 Guber: Why demand for power shift to Kwara North is ripe


By Haruna Mohammed Likpata


It is not a crime to demand for power that is legitimate, rightful, and fair to all by the people of good conscience, who saw the need to re-echoe an existing demand for power shift.

This week opinion is based on some fantasy of some individuals or personalities, that exercised fears of a challenge on their propaganda for a defense against the interest of popular demand of a power shift to the North.

Nobody in good conscience would say it is wrong for a Kwara Northerners to speak about 2023 or hide under any disguise and went far to even attack the leaders and elders from the Zone.

As an appointee of any Government, you are allowed under any law or manners to defend and justify your pay but needless to say; Kwara North elders cannot speak or demand for power shift come 2023. It is not out of place to say the agitation for Governorship slot to the Zone is a crime or would anyway affect the current administration in implementing its campaign promises to the people of the Zone and the entire State.

I am a strong advocate for power shift to the North and would also encourage all the political class from the Zone to have a rethink or rescind a decision that will create disaffection or be a burden on the poor masses because of their own personal interest or for the fear of losing their positions, they must remember, it is never permanent in the first place.

I decided among other things to put up this piece and as an individual whose opinion are fairly based on sincerity, honesty, and justifiable thoughts with an open mind that desired for better Kwara For All.

I saw the need to address some pertinent issues in a press release by the Special Assistant on Political Matters to HE Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, Hon. Danhawa where he alleged that our leaders from Kwara North in their last meeting do not discuss issues of developments and that they do not have the right to demand for power shift.

I want to address the issues raised and why there is need for such press release to be appropriately addressed on issue-based. As much as I personally recognized some developmental strides accomplished by this administration, It would be very unfair for true son of the Zone to say demanding for power shift was a crime.

Beside, I want to ask the Special Assistant to the Governor, who incidentally came from Kwara North to kindly justify why he thinks Kwara North do not deserve to have a slot as Executive Governor of Kwara State?

The Special Assistant on political matters need also address us from the Zone and not as political appointee of the Governor, why the future of Kwara North should not be discussed and addressed by our leaders and leaders alongside the youths across divide.

Kwara North developmental projects executed by the Governor is legitimate, or did the Governor informed him the developments in Kwara North is for the Zone not to demand their right?

Should we then pretend under your appointment by the Governor not to demand for our rights in the Zone? Or the Zones that have produced a Governor do not see developments? or is the Special Assistant saying since the Governor came from another Zone he is not to develop where he comes from?

I want to strongly advise our leaders from the Zone not to fall cheap for this kind of people who have to justify the positions they occupy at the moment to satisfy their master.

The demand for Governorship seat didn’t start today and for any individual to think low of our leaders from the Zone as being selfish because they demand for a right must not be seen as a honest individual from the Zone.

The Special Assistant on Political Matters should not be used to derail a genuine and conscientious agitation. He should focus on his job to promote the Government he is serving on developments to win the heart of the people and not to resort to insulting our elders.

It is mischievous for an individual to come up with a Press Release to blackmail our leaders from the Zone, who saw the need for united Kwara North beyond the politics of 2023.

I am fully aware of what they want and people like you so desire to think it is wrong for such move only confirmed that origin does not matter to you. The struggle have not even started as issues of governance is still paramount to all.

Kwara North leaders and elders in politics, business and sundry should not relent in their unity and quest to ensure that they continued efforts is not left on the road. The Youth are carefully watching and any attempt by these leaders and elders across Kwara North to drop this struggle will make history for the upcoming ones. I wish them best of luck.

I also wish the current Governor best of luck as he fulfils his campaign promises but his support for Kwara North come 2023, should not be out of place.


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